I LIKE OREOS .-. Morbidly awesome!
Crazy cat Directioner weird person!


39. rant

Brianna: omgeee gurrll so I waz in da hallway jus ya knowz, flurting with this totes hawky boi when this wannabe gangsta boi is gunna swagga walk up 2 us and yell out "yo momma." and den I waz all liek dafaq u talkin bout boi u aint got nu momma so chu cant be sayin dat shiz ya know?! and den he waz all "mmhmmmm guurrlllll you bes be getting out my shiz fo' I get up in dat koolaid guurrll." and den I was all leik "boooiiiii if you don shut ya dirty a$$ mouth, imam b$%#& slap chu so hard chu gonna go bck to third grade u knowz what I am saying gurllll" and den I realized dat guy waz from Canada so I waz all liek "booiiii don't chu got some Justin beiber concert 2 go 2?" and den he waz all "nu gurl I aint liek dat fake swagga wannbe boi." and den he swagga walked away from us and den that totes hawky boi iz gunna walk away from me liek whut?! y u gunna leave me boi?! you know whut Im saying?!

Tamisha:uhmmmm *leaves*

Brianna: GURL you did not jus do dat!

me: OHHH GUUURRLLL yass she did >:p

~baby fox

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