Its bieber bitch ;)

Alicia is an 18 year old girl.
She is not an outgoing person,but she will defend her self if she has to. she a dancer and and she does a lot! Of sports. She dosnt like making new friends. Alicia has one friend... Well should I say best friend,Emily. Alicia has an abusive family.She really has no one really.she goes to a party with her best friend,One of her worst and best nights. READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS ! :) #justin #wanted #died


2. the party


SHUT THE FUCK UP!! I yelled pressing the top of my alarm clock

Ugh, another day of happiness! (Please notice the sarcasm)

I finally got up from my bed and noticed that it was 5:30am. (I start school at 7:30am) I walk over to my bathroom. Stripping all of my cloths off.

I turn on the shower. hmmm I moan as the warm water splashes my body.


After about 15 mins of thinking and enjoying the warm water, I get out and put a towel around my body and headed to my room.

I was walking until a strong grip was on my hand, witch made me turn around to face my dad. He spelled like alcohol.Oh no .

He suddenly pushes me to the wall and starts kissing my neck.

MOAN FOR ME! He says angrily

I tried not to cry. I did not speak

I SAID MOAN FOR ME!! My dad says

He pulls my towel down that is around me down.

SLUT! He calls out

I felt a stinging sensation on my right check. With that he finally left me alone and walked out the door.

I started sobbing. After a good 5 mins of crying I finally got up and went to my room, and started getting ready for school.

Cloths: light blue tank top, black skinny jeans, light blue vans, and a light blue sweater that had an large A on it (hint,hint stands for Alicia).

Hair: I put my hair in a messy bun,with some hair sticking out in the front.

Makeup: lip blam, and mascara

I put some perfume and grabbed all my stuff I need for school. I ate some breakfast before I grabbed my skate bored and started riding it to school.




Me and Emily went to Starbucks after school just to hang out, and get coffee of course. We just gossiped and did girl stuff.

Hey! Do u have any plans today?Emily asked.

Umm no. I said like I never do anything.

Well will you come with me to a party at 12:00am? Please!! Emily got to her knees, put her puppy face on.

Well I dont know I'm not a party girl and my dad will never let me. "I said

Please!! And just sneak out! Please just this once! "She said still on her knees.

Ugh fine only this time."I said

Yaayyyyyy!! I'll be at your house at 9:00pm to get ready okay?"she said

Okay."I said

And with that we both went home and I waited for her. I just read and listed to music the whole time.



I looked at my window to see Emily. I got up and opened the window for her. (E: Emily, m: me)

E- hey!

M- hey

Let's get ready! She said with excitement.

E- can I do you're makeup and cloths?!! Please!

M- ughhhhbb fine but don't do anything slutty or make me look like a Barbie!



She did exactly what I told her NOT to do!!ugh whatever.

Cloths: a really short black dress, it's really tight! It was sleeveless and and showed my belly and back,but it didn't show my hips, my boobs,or my butt.and black 6inches hills!

Wow I didn't think I could own something so slutty.

Makeup: any makeup u know. ( yah that's how muck makeup I have on)! Red lip stick thoe.


We were both done fixing our selfs and I put a LOT a perfume so did she and with that we left.


I strafed hearing LOUD music and that's when I knew that we were near the party.


We finally made it to our destination and went in.

WHOOO LETS GET THIS PARTY STARDED! Emily yelled. I just laughed

Emily got us some drinks.

Come on have some fun! She yelled

Umm okay :( I said

I turned around for a second and I already lost Emily. Are u serious! I thought to my self.

I Started looking for her. I'm pretty sure I checked every were. Ugh. I decided to just go in a room and just wait. For what? I have NO idea.

I Started to get bored so I started walking out the door, until somebody bumped into me!


His hair was brown and blondish in a way and his face was perfect. But I couldn't help but get really mad at what he just called me.

I AM NOT A FUCKING SLUT U HEAR ME! I said with full anger pushing him into the wall.

His eyes started getting darker by the second.he then pushed me into the other wall that was right behind me.


I then felt a stinging pain on my cheek. Gosh I got so mad I punched him in the face. If you're wondering why I didn't cry it's because i don't care. I really just care if my dad does it's because I share blood with him.( u know what I mean)

He just looked at me surprised while his eyes were darker then ever. I just walked away, and went home( walking of course).

I was mad at Emily I mean she just leaves me!

I finally make it home. I sneak in threw my window, and suddenly the lights go on. I saw my dad standing there,with beer bottles covering my floor, and he has his belt on his hand full with anger.


PLEASE DINT HURT ME!,"I said sobbing.


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