Its bieber bitch ;)

Alicia is an 18 year old girl.
She is not an outgoing person,but she will defend her self if she has to. she a dancer and and she does a lot! Of sports. She dosnt like making new friends. Alicia has one friend... Well should I say best friend,Emily. Alicia has an abusive family.She really has no one really.she goes to a party with her best friend,One of her worst and best nights. READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS ! :) #justin #wanted #died


4. kidnapping

I stared hearing footsteps. Louder, louder, and louder.

I start to run. But of course he comes running after me. Ughhhh. I'm a pretty fast runner if u ask me I mean I'm in soccer and everything but damn this guy can run!

I was still running and he was too. He stopped running and I finally thought that I won. But no. He shot me on my foot. Damn it! I fell hard to the grown and everything went black..

YA I KNOW ITS A REALLY SHORT CHAPTER BUT. It's something right? Comment if u want more. Bye! xx

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