Cover Store /// Open

Cover Store is open! Feel free to leave requests in the comments, i'll try to get to them as soon as possible! If i'm not busy, 2-3 days. If i'm busy, 4-5 days.
I will put the link in the 'chapter' which will take you to the site I created and uploaded it on and you can easily save it. This is due to my computer uploading covers blurry, so I hope this isn't to much of a hassle:)


1. How to get a Cover

Follow these simple steps to get a cover:


1. You must comment how you want your cover made. This how-



Mood: (Dark, Happy, Intense etc.)


Needs: (What the cover needs- Characters, backgrounds etc.)

Time needed:

I will try to complete it as soon as I can.


2. Give me credit-

I would appreciate it if you gave me credit in the blurb!


3. If you don't like it-

If you had a different cover in mind, Just let me know in the comments and I will do it again for you!



For more, visit this link---

Okay thats it! Thank you, I hope I can make you guys all happy with your covers!xxx







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