Bad Girls Club 4


1. Episode 1

7 new bad girls enter club. Lotus Marquita Hakima Tysheema Rydia Tyunique and Elizabeth. Tysheema say I am LA I love this city so I know these girls gonna follow me like a dog. Marquita say I'm a boss so I'm not afraid of not one of these girls. Tyunique say gay girls get looked down on so much that I want to help them be strong. All the girls meets up. Hakima yells we are the bad girls club. Rydia yell let's cheer to that. They do a cheer and rydia drops her glass on Elizabeth. Elizabeth yell bitch watch out. Rydia tell her it was an accident. Elizabeth yell just leave me alone yo. Lotus say it's petty already but it can be worse. Later that night, all 7 girls go out. In the club, tysheema hakima and Marquita are drinking heavily dancing on boys. Hakima say when I go out I goes crazy. So girl grabs tysheema by her hair and start punching her. Then Marquita and hakima start hitting the girl. Tyunique say I'm just having fun then out of nowhere I see tysheema getting attacked then we all get kicked out the club. Outside the club, the lady yell fuck the bad girls club. Marquita yells bitch wassup then. Marquita runs up and hits the girl. They start fighting on the ground. Security start pulling them apart. Production gets the 7 girls in the limo. Back at the house, lotus tell tyunique, they aren't the type of girls I wanna be around. Tyunique tell her, me either I came her to work on myself not be the same child I was my whole life. Lotus tell her, those 3 not gonna last the whole time. Elizabeth say lotus tyunique and I all don't want nothing to do with the others.

The next day, tysheema tell hakima, I love y'all bitches for having my back. Hakima tell her, of course we got each other. Hakima say tysheema is really cool and I like her for now but you know girls in the bad girls club change. Later that day, tyunique lotus and rydia go out for lunch, rydia tell them, i walked by tysheema earlier and she whispered to Marquita, we are the bad girls club the rest of them are extras. Tyunique ask, why is she even here ? Rydia tell them, she gonna be the one to start all the drama. Lotus tell them as long as she don't mess with me I'm good.

Back at the house: Elizabeth is on the phone with her boyfriend Mike. Elizabeth tell mike, I miss you. He replies I miss you more. Elizabeth tell him, these bitches are crazy like I don't know how I fit in. Mike tell her, just be yourself and don't worry about them. Elizabeth says I love mike because he level me out.

Meanwhile: Marquita ask tysheema and hakima, are y'all in relationships. Hakima tell her no I'm single. Tysheema tell her I'm in a relationship but it's complicated right now. Tysheema say I got a boy hyfese and we been together for a while now. But I don't know where it's going so while I'm here I'm gonna do me because I know he's doing him.

Later that night, all 7 girls go out. Elizabeth is dancing with tysheema. Lotus say Elizabeth what are you doing wasn't you just the one who said you didn't like tysheema. Lotus tell tyunique, girl we knew somebody had to be the fake one. Hakima and Marquita are dancing on boys and having fun. Marquita say hakima is a blast she just shows off when she in a club. Back at the house, tyunique tell Elizabeth, I mad at you right now. Elizabeth ask why ? Tyunique tell her, it's nothing I'm just annoyed. Elizabeth say tyunique you mad for what. I don't even know you for you to have any feeling about me. Tysheema yell bitches mad because I'm cool with a bitch. Tysheema say bitches are crazy for real. But aint nobody gonna say shit to a bitch so I'm good.

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