They 5 boys are all after Lily but which one will she choose? Not her brother Harry! Of course not. Niall up for the running but there's something about Zayn. Please leave any suggestions in the comments.


1. Hush Harry

Lily's P.O.V

Harry is laughing his head of. They didn't know he was single so they thought I was his girlfriend. Well... now is the time to tell them.

"No Harry is my brother" I whispered into my hands as tears streaked my cheek. Niall looked into my eyes "Good" his smile was beautiful, his voice. Angelic. I blushed. Looking into Harry's eyes what did I see. Anger, Annoyance..... Jealousy? No. Of course not i'm imagining things. Harry ran into the kitchen where I knew he was doing 1 thing. Writing. I peered over his shoulder to have him bring me into a hug. A smile grew on his face. Not one of love for his sister but one of guilt, hunger, lust. My eyes widened as I slapped away his hand. I ran to my bedroom and started sobbing into the silky soft quilt.


Harry's P.O.V

Now what have I done. I've filled her with lies. Shes not my sister. Her parents died in a car accident and I was there to look after her. Her eyes were filled with hate I can't see her like this it shatters my heart. I ran upstairs to find her door open as I compose myself to go in I hear a giggle from in there. Niall the b****rd. She was mine. When I had stormed in I found Lily under her quilts as Zayn stroked her hair. What! It looks like I have competition.


Lily's P.O.V

I did like Harry. A lot. But no hes my brother. That's just gross. A paper plane soared threw the air and gracefully landed on the floor beside me. Inside it was a note

"Look Lily I'm so sorry. I only did it because I'm not your brother. It destroyed me to never tell you it really did. But I did it for your own safety. Please forgive me. I can still be your brother... (If you forgive me I will buy you Nandos.)           x.Hazza.x"

Reading that made me smile (The Nandos part) but I can't stop crying. The paper has turned to mush in my hands. "Hazza, I love you" I cried into my hands.

"I love you too." Shit


Harry - Hush... Please don't tell a soul. 








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