They 5 boys are all after Lily but which one will she choose? Not her brother Harry! Of course not. Niall up for the running but there's something about Zayn. Please leave any suggestions in the comments.


6. Back to school


The storm blew wildly around me and sucked in the surrounding leaves and flowers. The lightning set fire to the house. The thunder pounding the sky. The black mess swirled over head and me parents were trapped. They fire eating away at there bodies and souls. That was years ago. Even now I hear the voices in my head. The scratching at my cold soul. The blood dripping from my tender wrists. The voices were my relief. My friend. And my worst nightmare. The voices I would like to hear are gone. Eaten alive by the fire. I wish they could talk to me, tell me everything is going to be ok. But no. It's those wretched voices telling me to hurt telling me to die.


They whisper again. Her is what I get tortured with everyday of my miserable life. " It's us again Lily. Don't try and block us out you know it won't work. You know what we're asking you. Go on. Pick up the blade. I dare you. We know you love a good dare. Your parents death. Is all your fault. If you didn't accept our dare. They would still be alive. Go on. Good girl. Just one cut. No one cares. Go on do it" The voices stop as I fall to the floor and scream at the black shagged carpet.. I'm pulling at the fibres and it's screaming back. Just do it. Just do it. Know one cares.


Suddenly, my alarm started blaring in my ear. Throwing it against the solid brick wall. School. I only had an hour to get ready so I decide to shower. As I strip from my night gown and hopped into the shower. The hot pellets of water hit my skin like rapid fire. I slid the blade across my pale white wrist. Blood dripping down my body into the drain. I hurried out and dressed into my black skinny jeans and a black band tee. Making sure it was long sleeves as the cuts were deeper than usual. And no one knows I cut. Slipping on my black vans and grabbing an apple while saying goodbye to my sister, I hopped out of the door. As I arrive at school. The halls are empty. What? I looked down at my watch. Shit. I'm an hour early. I headed to my form room. I didn't recognize people there. They all seemed busy with there tongues down each other's neck. No I have never kissed any one. Well anyone important... 

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