I'm not who I think I am

Katrina (Kat for short) has the perfect life. Her parents are rich and love her, she's beautiful and she's turning sixteen in one month which means she can drive. But when both her parent die in a car crash Kat learns a family secret she wasn't supposed to know. Follow Kat through her diary and learn what her parents kept from her and what hides behind closed doors.


8. June 13, My aunts dilemma

 I'm hiding from my aunt. She knows I keep disappearing and doesn't know where I'm going. I found a note this morning in my secret room. It said:

 Dear Katrina,

    You found our note. Good job. Now the first key belongs to something where your mother used to get her magazines, you got packages, and your father got his bills. That's all for now.


 Burnt it. Gone. And I knew where to go. The post office. I just had to get past my aunt.

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