The ghost girl

Bree can see dead people. She is annoyed by them every day by them and all her class mates call her the ghost girl. But when an old friend appears and asks for help Bree can't say no. Will Bree be able to help them in time or will she fail?


5. The after school 'club'

  I told my mom I was going to a drama club meeting. That was a total lie. I have terrible stage fright. But I went to hide in the old house on Collins street. The attic was stable and enough for me to stand in. "Okay... Anna so you'll... fade soon if you don't cross over? What do you mean?" She smiles sadly. "Well fading is when ghosts who have been dead, and in the world of the living to long fade into nothingness, like we never existed." I stare at her in shock. "Wait where will you go?" She shakes her head. "No where. I don't quite know. It's like when we die. When we're dead." I stare at her still. "But Anna, what business do you need to finish?" She shrugs. "Tats the thing I don't know. I hold her, scared. "But I'll miss you, I know I won'y see you again." I breath heavy. "You won't see me if I fade. We'll see each other again if I cross over." She speaks in a firm voice. I nod in a meek way. Dear god if I never see Anna again I will flip. "Okay, lets figure out what you have to finish, what do you remember about your... death?" Her face was a firm, unsmiling, cold, statue like think. "I fell. I don't know where from, why, or even if I fell. I could have poisoned myself for all I know." Anna says in a bitter tone. "Do you remember anything that happened after?" She nods. "My mother was crying. She was screaming at my brother for not watching me. I remember being angry by the fact that I was seventeen and I could take care of myself. But obviously not." She laughs coldly. I try to think of another question when I hear a shock and scream. "Ahh!" Anna looks like an electric shock had gone through her, making Anna a bit transparent. "Anna!" I hold her. "Are you okay?" She shakes her head. "It's already starting."



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