The ghost girl

Bree can see dead people. She is annoyed by them every day by them and all her class mates call her the ghost girl. But when an old friend appears and asks for help Bree can't say no. Will Bree be able to help them in time or will she fail?


4. Annabella

  She gives me a soft smile. "What did you say Ghost Girl?" I look at Kitty. "Just go away Kitty! And your little minions!" I scream. I run out of that horrible room. The girls bath room was never filled at this time. I sit in a stall, waiting for Annabella. She appears in front of me and kneels down. "Bree. It's been so long. You've grown up so much. How do they know?" I frown. "I made a mistake. And that was the consequence." I cry into my hands. She hugs me. "Where have you been?" I asked. She shrugs. "In limbo. Just watching through my life." She smiles. "How about you?" I shrug. "Just going through this hell I call life." She glares. "Watch your mouth! My mother would never have tolerated such a dirty mouth!" I shake my head. "Sorry Anna. I some times forget your from a different era." Anna is from the late Victorian ages. She has never told me what happened to her. I wonder... "So why have you returned?" I ask as cheerfully as I could muster. "Well since your the only person who can see me, well, I'm here for your help." She smiles a ruby lipped smile. "Well," I wipe my red eyes. "What is it?" She frowns. "I will fade if I don't cross over soon."


  A/N: Hey ya'll I wanted to say... will you read my friend, Anime_girl's new movella, A new Host? If ur an anime fan and an OHSHC fan, like me, I think u'll love it. So I was just advertising it for no specific reason. And I'm soooooo happy about all the lovely comments I've received. I love u all!

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