The ghost girl

Bree can see dead people. She is annoyed by them every day by them and all her class mates call her the ghost girl. But when an old friend appears and asks for help Bree can't say no. Will Bree be able to help them in time or will she fail?


1. A horrible secret

 They can't see it. They can't hear it. I'll be fine. Just don't act weird Bree and everything will be okay.

  I wandered the halls of the same old middle school I've been at for two years. I stare around, wondering which ones are alive and which ones aren't. That girl looks alive, that boy looks okay, yeah that girl is DEFINITELY alive . I thought. It was the first day of seventh grade and I was worried  I was going to called out imminently. "Ghost girl." They would call me. They always have. Stupid secret. And it was all because of stupid Kitty Lexer. Kitty is a nick name the other girls gave her. Her real name is Kaylie, and everything about her is fake. Including her hair, face, and everything else. Her hair was actually a mousy brown back when we were little. She decided to bleach it blonde and keep it that way. I'm the only one who knows about her hair. She used to be my best friend. Then I told her my secret. The secret that I can see ghosts. Or peoples spirits or whatever. And I know her dirty secret, but I won't tell anyone. I'm not an evil little brat.      


 A/N: Hey guys! It's Ferretsrock982 here and I've presented you with my first movella. It's been a draft for a while but here it is! I hope you enjoy and comment!

                                                                              <3 Ferretsrock982

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