"Tonight is gonna be the best night of your life, virgin"
I stand quiet as I watch his fingers run down my sides and to my underwear, playing around with the tiny ribbon in the middle before pulling them down and throwing them across the room and onto the wooden floor.

Please make sure that you are aware that this story is rated r and contains a lot sexual and mature content so if you're young and you're not supposed to read this, please don't. I won't be responsible for your reaction.


11. Chapter Eleven

I stare deeply at the screen of my iphone, my eyes reading the caller ID over and over again, the ringing blocking out any other thoughts.

I can say these past few days have been a total confusion to me. I don't really know how I feel about Harry's side bitch, his apology after I ran out of the party a couple of days ago, neither do I know how to respond to his continuous texts and calls.

My thumb slides to the left half way but I freeze, running out of words to add on to my script.

The room is as quiet as it could possibly get and all I can hear is the heart pounding out of my chest.

What if he was going to ask me why I haven't been responding to any of the attention he was showing towards me? I didn't know how to answer that.

I do nothing but close my eyes, hoping that it would seem less painful to answer and that's when my finger automatically swooshes the arrow.

I wait nervously, my legs repeatedly kicking the foot of my bed as I hear nothing but a faint sigh.

"Why haven't you been asking my calls?"

There is a scent of anger in the words he speaks but before I can respond, he cuts me off.

"Can I come over? I just banged a chick across the hall and I think I need someone good to finish me off"

His words seem more harsh than complimenting.

It's pretty rude to ask someone that way but it's Harry and you can't really expect anything when you're with him.

I try not to think about the situation in the party because I know although he apologized for being useless, I still want to punch him in the face.

An unexpected grin crawls to my lips, my mind finally getting a chance to stop thinking because I know the answer to his question.


"Id be flattered to"

I let out a giggle, hopping off of my bed to walk to the door and before he can say anything more, I hang up, my eyes observing every inch of the room for dirt but I find none.

I impatiently wait in front of the door, my hand wrapped around the door knob tightly waiting to open it and luckily, it doesn't take more than a minute for Harry to arrive and turn the door knob himself.

I stumble back, chuckling as I fall onto my fluffy bed, my white blanket warming my body.

The door flings open, an excited brunette rushing in to shut the door behind him and from that, I know that the bitch before me didn't have the skills that I did and I feel proud.

Using he strength in my body, I force myself to sit up only to see Harry unbuttoning his shirt.

A kinky smirk is plastered on his face as he gives me the look to remove the only protection to my naked body but I wait for him to finish undoing his jeans as I'm about to put on a perfect show for him.

Before I begin, I walk to him, gently pushing him to my bed but he knows that my shove won't do it so he obeys and throws himself onto it, slightly confused.

I reach for the door knob and lock the door, my other hand sliding into my short dress as I grip onto my underwear.

I watch his reaction as he finally understands what I'm beginning with and I can't help but giggle at his intelligence.

My short red nails begin to slide my undergarment down under they fall to the ground, me stepping out of them.

Then, I reach for the back of my bra, unhooking it as quickly as possible, the straps fall down my arm and the same reaction that Harry had the first time he saw them appears on his sweaty face and that's when I know it's my cue to take the lead.

Sorry for the shitty chapter guys but I'm starting school in only a couple of days and I'm really busy but I promise that it's gonna get better. Trust me 👍

Live you guys xx

-author/ maya

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