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3. chapter 3

I coughed as I jumped off Niall.

"We're you guys kissing?" Louis said laughing.

"Um. Nah. We were wrestling. " I flipped my head down and put my hair up.

"What? Were you fighting with your mouths?" zayn poked my spot.

"Shit. " I said. Niall must have given me a hickey. I gave an innocent smile.

"It just happened ok?" I looked around.

"Where's Harry. " I asked.

"To- he was just here!" Liam shouted. I bit my lip.

"Wait here. " I put I'm my flip flops and ran downstairs. I walked down the hall and outside. Harry walked down the sidewalk.

"Harry? What's wrong?" I asked. He looked at me. His eyes all puffy and red.

"I liked you. But you have to like Niall." I bit my lip even harder breaking the skin.

"I dunno what to say harry. I lean I really like Niall. And I like you but. Just not the same. When he kisses me. It feels. Right." I say.

"You've never kissed me "

"Huh harry please. Just-" he held my face in his hands and kissed me. Sparks flew. I paused as if I was frozen.

"See. Nothing. " I lie. I squeeze his shoulder and walk back up to my house. As I reach the doors I touch my lip. It felt more like magic. His felt like a spell.

I chucked off my flip flops and sat on the couch. I pinched the bridge of my nose.

"I can't do this. " I say out loud. Lou put his hand on my shoulder.

"It's difficult. Harry likes you too doesn't he?" I looked at Louis and nodded.

"You're quite the first girl Harry's felt like that with for a long time. " I smiled.

"Thanks?" Niall came down and sat beside me.

"I know how harry feels about you. And actually I don't blame him. But I can spare him you this time. Maybe. Take Amy out tonight while you two go to the fair?" He nudged.

"I dunno." I bit my lip again.

"God. You're so hard to give up when you act like that. " I smiled.

"What can I say?" I said. "You know what? Fine. Let's give it a try. But you have to take amy to see an action movie she hates anything else. " he smiled and nodded.

"Im in. "

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