Just think about it


2. chapter 2

I was awoken to the sound of voices. Probably any on the phone. I slowly got out if bed and walked out not bothering to put on pants. I walked out in my purple cheetah bra and underwear.

"Amy who you ya-" it was the boys. One of the boys whistled.

"Ha. Hi. " I waved embarrassed. Thier mouths hung open fixed on my chest.

"Hey eyes up here. " I pointed to my face.

"Amy. What time is it!"

"11:00." I scowled and trudged back in my room.

I put on a pair of yoga shorts and picked out a new bra. I unclipped mine just as the door opened. I grabbed the nearest article of clothing and covered my boobs.

"Get out!" I screamed.

It was niall.

I finished getting dressed and I walked out ignoring everybody.

"Where's your swimsuit. " Amy demanded.

"Sorry Ames. I feel sick. You go with them. Create a boyfriend. " Amy bit her lip.

"Well someone's gotta stay with her or I'll feel terrible. " Amy said.

"I'll stay. " Niall said. "I'm not really in the mood for swimming."

" me too. " I looked at Harry.

"No. You go. Have fun. "

"But you're sick. "

"Please. For me. " Harry nodded.

After they left I locked the door and Niall and I sat on the couch. I put in the movie legally blonde and laid down.

Nialls mouth was opened just a crease. I lifted up my foot and jammed my toes in his mouth.

"Eww!" He spit on the floor. He started tickling me.

"N-Niall. A-stop it!" I screamed in laughter. He picked me up propping me on his shoulder and taking me into my room.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"He shrugged. Suddenly he jumped on me.

"I'm wrestling you!" I fought back. I flipped my feet onto his shoulders and pull back. We switched positions. He wrapped his fingers within mine and pulled me close to his chest.

"You're beautiful did you know that?" I blushed.

"Thank you. " I tried to pull free but his grip was to strong. He pulled me closer. My lips millimetres from his. I teased him Inchon forward then back out, in, out. He finally held my head in one spot and kissed me. I pulled back.

"What was that for?" I asked.

"You were teasing me. I hate being teased. " he said softly.

"But I LOVE the aftermath. I kissed him again but deeper stronger. He parted but started kissing my neck. Looking for my spot. He found it. Right between my shoulder blade and my neck. I moaned. Niall smiled.

The door whipped open an there stood everybody.

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