Just think about it


1. chapter 1

I sat at the bar spinning my drink umbrella in circles.

"Come'on Julia. Please?" Amy tugged at m arm.

"No. You go have fun. It's ur birthday. " she gave me a sympathetic smile and disappeared in the crowd of people.

I took in a deep sigh.

"Rough day?" A male voice asked.

"Go the fuck away. "

"Fiesty. Me likey. " I turned around inches from his face.

"What do you want?" I spat.

"I wanna dance. " I rolled my eyes.

"Find some other chick. " he chuckled.

"But you see. I can't. I made a bet to my friends over there," he pointed to four guys watching him. "That I could get he prettiest girl here to dance with me. " I blushed.

"W-well today's my friends amys birthday and she's prettier than me by a long shot. " the boy held out his hands as if to shrug.

"Your loss. Guess you don't want any of, this." He waved his hands over his body.

"I'm sure. Maybe it's you who can't resist this. " I mocked him. He laughed walking towards me grabbing my hand tightly.

I hesitated at first but the smiled.

"I'm flattered. "

We danced until the song was over.

"Well. I better get goin." I said. "My best friends b day is today and we havnt even gotten any cake in our tummies!" She chuckled.

I turned around to go find Amy.

"Wait! What's ur name?" He asks.

"I dunno. Could be jamie. Juliette Julie. Julia. You already know it starts with a j. "

"Julia! Hey!" I cursed under my breath. Amy approached me. Both of is sober.

"Oh. Julia huh? I love your name. "

"Thanks. " I huffed sarcastically.

"I'm harry. Harry styles. " Amy shrieked.

"Oh my god! I love you!" I grabbed Amy's arm pulling her away before she had a fangasm.

In the car I buckled up and started the car.

"Julia. You always have to be a jerk. " she crossed her arms.

"I promise I'll get you tickets to their concert. " she smiled.

"You're the best. " I drove out onto the main road. Beside was a darkened limo.

"Wee!! It's them!!" She cheered. I rolled my eyes.

One of their windows rolled down. It was harry. Without thinking I stepped on the gas and ran the red light.

"No!!!!!!!!!!" Amy placed her hands on the window.

I unlocked the apartment door and threw the keys in a basket.

"I'm tired. Amy why don't we eat cake for breakfast. " I sighed.

"No. We eat leftover cake for breakfast. "

There was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" It clicked open and a blond haired boy trotted in the kitchen. "I smell cake. " he glanced at the ice team cake sitting on the table.

"Uhm. Julia?" It was harry.

"Get the fuck out of my house. " he rubbed the back of his head.

"You left your phone at the club." He handed me my phone. I unlocked it.

"Thank you for not going through it. " I said. I bit my lip.

"And thank you for returning it. God hum. "

"OMG! This is by far the best birthday ever!" Amy prodded.

"You know what?! We should all go to the beach tomorrow!"

I scowled at Amy.

"Nah. "

"Yes! Meet back her at 11:30. "

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