Forbidden Love

Hi my name is Kendall Jenner i am 18 I have 4 sister and 1 brother my dad's name is Bruce Jenner and my mom name is Kris Kardashian/Jenner. I fell in love with Justin Bieber but my family says he is a bad influence. But sister Kylie doesn't care she likes Justin but as a friend and she is happy for me.

Will Kendall's Family let Them date or will they try to separate them and find someone else to date Kendall. Or will Kendall run away with Justin to be together?

Read On To Find Out What Happens With Kendall and Justin-Alison


1. Meeting& Kissing

Kendall's POV

Kylie is taking me to a Night Club with her BoyFriend Jaden Smith and his friend Justin Bieber. I don't know his friend only Kylie does.

"Hey Kendall r u ready"


"Ok Jaden is gonna pick us up right now"

"Ok ok"

We went outside and Kylie saw him. We walked to his car and got inside. I sat in the back with his friend. And Kylie sat in the front.


"Yes Jaden"

"This is my friend Justin"

"Oh k"

-Night Club-

We got out of the car and went inside of the night club. Kylie and Jaden ran off to the crowed and I was stuck with Justin. I walked away and went to sit down and text Khloe.

To Khloe

Hey Khloe what's up

From Khloe

Hey Kendall how is the Night Club

To Khloe

Boring u know Kim is very very bossy when it comes to going somewhere

From Khlow

Yea and why r u bored

To Khloe

I don't know it's not my thing

From Khloe

Wow girl u need to get your inner Khloe

To Khloe

Doesn't mean that in not a party person doesn't mean I need to get my inner Khloe

From Khloe

Yes u do u need to be a party person like me

A slow dance started to play and Justin came walking to me

"Do u want to dance"

"Um sure"

To Khloe

I gtg Justin invited me to dance

From Khloe

Ok bye and don't forget to get your inner Khloe

To Khloe

Yea yea yea whatever

I putted my phone away and went on the dance floor with Justin. He placed his hands on my wait and I placed my hands in his shoulders. We were getting closer and closer together until... WE KISSED. The song was over and I went back to sit down. Justin followed me. We started to talk until we both leaned in and kissed each other again. I felt sparks

Justin's POV

We leaned in and kissed. I felt sparks.



Kendall and I looked at each other in the eyes and kissed. We stopped kissing and went home because Kylie and Jaden wanted to. We dropped off Kendall and Kylie.

Kendall's POV

I ran upstairs to Khloe's room

"Hey Khloe"

"Hey Kendall how was the dance"

I got on Khloe's bed


"Did u guys to anything"

"We talked and kissed 2 times"


"Yes and Kylie said that we are gonna get Coffee tomorrow with Jaden and Justin again"

"Oh another date"

"It's not a date to me it's just 1 couple and 2 friends that's all"

"To me it's not a date u both kissed each other"

"Whatever Khloe"

I walked out Of the bed room and saw Kim

"Hey Kim"

"Hey Kendall oh yea I forgot"


"U have a present for u in your bedroom"

"When did it come in"

"When u came back home and than 9 Minutes later Justin ranged the door bell and dropped it off for u"

"Oh k"

I walked upstairs. And saw a box of Red Roses and it had a note saying

To Kendall

When we kissed for the second time I felt sparks. I hope u love the flowers

Love, Justin Bieber

I finished reading the note OMG I can't believe Justin felt sparks like I did.

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