Alexandra Tremmings & Rowena's Diadem

1 girl, hidden from the world. 1 diadem, longing to be found. 1 parent, doing whatever they can to stop an unpleasant awakening. © Copyright 2014
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3. Allie

My alarm went off at precisely 6:45am, lovely. I pulled back the duvet, and walked over to my en-suite bathroom, where I brushed my teeth and hopped into the shower. Today was my first day of being homeschooled, mother had found a tutor surprisingly fast, especially since she's been so busy over the last few days, something about securing the house. I turned the water off and wrapped my towel around me, it was a time for a trip in to my closet, a walk-in closet may I add. I finally decided on my blue skinny jeans, paired with a black flowy top and my favourite Michael Kors' nude flats. I also added one of my many Gucci bracelets, and a pair of my Versace earrings. Just a casual outfit, for a casual day. It looked warm out, so I didn't bring a jacket down, not that I was allowed out. I slung on my Michael Kors backpack and skipped downstairs. "Good morning Ali" my mother chirped. "I've had the chef prepare you some breakfast, I'm off to work in a minute, I just can't seem to find my Chanel..." I pointed to the conservatory, whilst enjoying my breakfast of pancakes. My mother rushed over with her bag, "Alyssa should be here in a few minutes, then you're tutor will arrive" I sighed quietly, Alyssa was my nanny, but this tutor was going to be a stranger, another person that I wouldn't be comfortable around. My mother carried on, "I think you'll be pleased to know Alyssa found the tutor for you" I snapped my head in my mother's direction and my smile widened. "Really?" My mother nodded, I ran up to her and hugged her as she chuckled lightly. Her phone went off and she gasped. "Emergency at the office, darling, I have to leave right away" I nodded understandingly, mother was creative director at an American magazine, they'd requested her to move to America but she decided not to, they'd offered her this a few years back, well ten to be exact. I think she was 24... Anyway, now it would be too late to make a move so she works at the office they have here, and because of the time differences she normally has to leave right away. Mother rushed off, letting Alyssa in her way out. I literally jumped on Alyssa, I hadn't seen her for ages. She patted my head and smiled. I sat back down to finish my breakfast, I'm not sure why but mother had never really approved of Alyssa, but I loved her so much, she understood me, I always felt like we had a link. Alyssa's only 14, but she lives near us so mother agreed to hire her. She's in her third year of secondary school, apparently she goes to an all girls school, I've never heard of it though. I finished my pancakes and joined Alyssa in the conservatory. "So, this new tutor, who is she?" I asked. Alyssa's eyes glistened and she replied softly "Just a girl who goes to my school, she's very clever, one of the best in her year." I smiled slightly "I thought she was going to be one of those boring old people, what's her name?" Alyssa laughed at my remark, "Not all old people are boring you know, her name is Poppy, Poppy Granger" 

"She sounds nice." I smiled. She sounded like one of those honour students, or valedictorian like they have in America, obviously I didn't mention this to Alyssa, I didn't want her to think I thought her friend was a bookworm! Alyssa checked her watch, "She should be here soon" she muttered. 3,2,1 I thought. And then the doorbell went off. "How did you do that?" said Alyssa, shocked. "How did I what?" I replied, confused. "You know you were counting down in your head." She answered. "What, did you like... Hear my thoughts"? I said, astonished. Alyssa kept a straight face then burst out laughing, whilst I sat there confused. She went to open the door for Poppy. I'd always been able to do strange things, I don't know why. I crept over to the door, I could hear Alyssa and Poppy whispering. "It's definitely her, she can do things Poppy, I've seen it myself." whispered Alyssa. Poppy then spoke "July 3rd right?" Alyssa nodded in return. I froze, July 3rd was my birthday, July 3rd was in two days time.


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