Alexandra Tremmings & Rowena's Diadem

1 girl, hidden from the world. 1 diadem, longing to be found. 1 parent, doing whatever they can to stop an unpleasant awakening. © Copyright 2014
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2. Allie

Due to the whole outfit situation, my mother was called into school, this school seriously has no appreciation towards creativity. Slumped in a chair outside the headmistresses office, I listened to my mother talking to Mrs Bolton, scratch that, arguing. "'Well, Patricia, I don't really see how it's Lexi's fault!" my mother exclaimed, I rolled my eyes, I hated being called Lexi. Through the door I saw 'Patricia' stand up slowly. She crossed her arms and spoke "Your daughter supposedly, went to the toilet and came back in non-school uniform. Now she either stole from the costume department. Or..." 

"Or what?" my mother interrupted, frustratedly.

"Your daughter has some sort of magical powers." replied Mrs Bolton, mimicking mother's frustrated tone. That was it. Mother threw her hands up in the air, magic had always been a touchy subject. Mrs Bolton sat back down and continued "Whatever it is that is causing your daughter to behave like this Selena, it is quite frankly, unacceptable. This is one of many incidents that Lexi has refused to explain. Now, you can either appeal to the school board, or you can move Lexi to a different school, her stunts distract the other pupils. She's also starting to fall behind in her lessons. Mother sighed quietly, and without giving the headmistress an answer, she grabbed her bag and walked out. "Come on Lexi we're going, you can be homeschooled from now on" mother ushered me out of the door. There was no point arguing, 1 friend or 100 no one understood me, I'm just different and I really don't know when I'll find someone like me...

A/N - Just Another Victor is on hold, I might delete it but I'm carrying this on! I'll try to update every week so I can hopefully keep this going at a consistent rate. Comment, like, share, fan and follow me! 



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