Gone with the Wind|| l.t

"I'm not afraid. I have secrets. I know things. I have a reason to be gone with the wind."

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2. Chapter 1


New town, New school, New people, same secrets. 




Today was me, Hanna Bethany Newcastle's first day of school in Doncaster. I changed into my outfit, not even knowing why I felt like I wanted to try. I'm going to have to leave again soon anyways. 


I guess you could say I have a large amount of money. I get an unusually big sum weekly for keeping quiet. I walked down marble floored stairs and padded through the house. 

"Eat some breakfast!" My 'Brother' yelled from the kitchen. He isn't actually my brother, It's the act that a-name-I-cannot-mention- is making us do. He's more like my roommate/protector. 

"Fuck off, Chase." I yelled back. I don't really like Chase, if you haven't found out already. I honestly don't have a valid reason of why I don't like him.

"Hey now," He started, pacing over to me. I reluctantly turned around with an annoyed sigh and faced him. "It's not my fault you got yourself into shit. Be happy I was the one who got you out of there alive." He said sternly to me, veins popping out of his neck. I think I don't like him because he helped me, and I hate being helped with a passion. 

Chase has a bit of a temper, but I don't blame him. "I didn't ask for help." I shot back, crossing me arms across my chest.

"God dammit, why are you trying so hard?" He asked, calming down slightly, gesturing to my outfit.

I looked at him and scoffed. I turned around and walked out the door, flipping him off on the way out. I ignored his yells and stepped into my Mercedes. I revved the engine just as Chase stepped out of the door throwing his hands in the air.

I took a second to admire his good looks. Bright baby blue eyes, blonde hair that was always styles into a quiff that stuck out in a sexy way to the side, with the sides of his head shaved. He had a nice beard growing in along his jawline, that was just longer than a stuble. 

I shook the thought away of the things I would do to that 24 year old boy and drove away in the direction of the high school. 

I arrived just as everyone was in the parking lot by their cars in cliques. I sped in and all heads turned and all jaws dropped. I parked in two parking lots beside a group of 5 boys. They turned and stared at me.

I rolled my eyes as they leaned against a truck and gave my car a lopsided grin. Losers. I stepped out and slammed the door shut, ignoring any stares or drool. The only reason I get that is because of my car. If I really wanted to stop moving, I should purchase a rust bucket of a car. I'd rather stick to my Mercedes. 

"Hey, uh miss!" A Irish accent called to me. I turned around to see a lanky blonde only a few inches taller nervously approaching me. I am like 5"8 so i'm used to it.

"Hello." I said glancing up, pursing my lips. I seem like an asshole, which I admit, I am. I've gotten used to the fact of having to act like this, it's like my personallity now. I have to prevent having any friends that I could spill the beans to. They would get forced into joining a-name-I-cannot-mention's- crew.

'I-I um like your car. Uh alot." He sputtered, trying to find his words.

"Yes, I do too. I said easily, giving him a curt nod. 

"Uhm ah-" He began and was cut of by a short voice.

"Please excuse my Irish friend, he has troubles speaking to pretty girls." The boy said in a thick accent, swinging an arm around the blonde. 

"That's quite alright." I returned, glancing around at the sight.

"New here, yeah?" He asked dropping his arm from the other boy.

"How'd you guess." I said sarcastically, getting annoyed that he was making me stay here. I have things to do.

"Fiesty much?" He chuckled. I rolled my eyes and turned around to leave, only to be pulled back.

'Do you mind?" I asked loudly, Getting peoples attention, followed by the action of me jerking my arm out of his grasp.

"Louis Tomlinson." He nodded to me, holding out a hand. I ignored him and swung around. I walked off, practically seeing his eyebrows knitting together. Boy's like that annoy me, I mean can you not leave a girl alone and in peace for one minute?

I walked in the school, got my locker number and schedule. I arrived at my locker and put my combo in. "25," I said quietly to myself, spinning the dial. "46," Span the dial, "12." and span the dial once more, my lock popping open. 

"Well, well, well! If it isn't Miss Bitch." I heard a familiar voice. I looked over and saw Louis, striding up to me. Fucking..

"What the fuck do you want." I asked, clearly pissed off.

"Looks like were locker buddies!" He smirked, putting a combo into the locker beside me.

"Is this a fucking joke?" I asked him, my gaze burning through him. 

"Sadly, no." He sighed. "Wish it was though!" He shrugged and snatched books out of his locker, then snapped it shut. He winded past me and went down the hall. I watched him walk off, scoffing to myself. 

Girls stared at his toned body as he breezed past them, swooning uncontrollably. What a fucking joke. Him out of all people? I scoffed at the lovestruck girls who were gossiping to eachother about Louis. "Oh Louis!" "Oh Louis" They sang to eachother.

I grabbed a binder out of my locker and walked down the hall, leaving the scene. I walked down the halls, searching for my class. The bell rang signalling the start of class and I sauntered along keeping an eye out for my room number. I eventually found it and I walked in.

'Why hello Miss Newcastle. Quite wonderful to have you show up!" A snarky female voice greeted me.

"Have a seat next to Niall will you? Maybe you'll catch up on some work, yeah?" She hissed to me, and pointed to the same lanky blonde that attempted to talk to me this morning.

"Hello, Niall." I said once I sat down beside him, completely ignoring the teacher. He looked up, wearing a thick pair of glasses and he stumbled along his words.

'Oh uh uhm Hi uhm ah?" He stuttered looking for a name to call me.

"Hanna." I said giving him a kind smile. He smiled back then turned his attention back to his work as he furiously scribbled along the lines.

'What class is this again?" I finally whispered to him and he let out a chuckle. 

"English." He chuckled with a side smile and handed me his paper. "Here, just copy that down for today." He said and set it in front of me.

'Thank you, Neil." I beamed and began writing it down at a moderate speed. Doing work in class? Where did this come from?

"Uhm It's ah Niall.." He trailed off awkwardly.

'Oh fuck-Oh I mean shoot." I stumbled along and let out an awkward laugh. He laughed along and gave me a friendly pat on the shoulder.

'No worries." He spoke giving me a small smile. I sighed in relief and continued on.


After class, Lunch had already arrived. I took my money from my locker and made my way to the cafeteria. My cell phone rang, and It was Chase. I groaned, but picked up.

"What?" I asked sharply.

"You need to stop talking to those boys." He said with a sigh at the end.

"How do you know about that." I asked feeling stunned, my eyes wide.

"Carver called me today."


"He's got eyes on you, Hanna. Watch yourself." And with that, he hung up.

Of fucking course. Fucking Carver (the name i'm not supposed to mention) just can't handle me saying one word to any other human being than Chase, himself and his people. Fuck me, god dammit. 

I walked into the cafeteria, eyeing everyone who looked at me. I glared at every single person trying to narrow it down to who this person might be. Pretty much everyone turned away with wide eyes as soon as my gaze hit them.

I was then greeted by the one and only Louis Tomlinson. 

"Hey, Hanna." He smirked. Does he ever fuck off?

"How the fuck did you find my name out?" I asked him, staring coldly into his eyes.

"Your name's floating around the school Hanna Banana." He smirked again, looking down my dress with hungry eyes.

I instinctively pushed him away with both hands on his chest, sending him to tumble into the garbage can. The room went silent, all eyes on me. I looked around as everyone stared at me, mouths open. 

Louis gave a angry look and I walked out of the door as fast as I can. I can't be well known in this school, i'll be literally fucked.


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