Fighting For Her

Kylie couldn't stand living with her father anymore. She felt bad for leaving her mother with him, but she had to get away from him. She went to the Café a block over later that day and looked at the tv hanging from the wall. There was a Breaking News Report.

There was a huge car crash. One person killed and another injured. That van looks likes my mom's. It... it.... it is my mom's. She's .... she's .... dead.


6. THe Misunderstandment

Louis' pov:

Niall came downstairs into the kitchen and saw Ky clinging to . I gave him a dirty look.  He gave me a sympathetic look. We had a convorsation with our eyes instead of with our mouths because we knew that if it was going to be with our mouths, there would be alot of cursing.

Harry's pov:

I don't know what happenned but Ky and Lou were not happy about it.

"We're just gonna go upsatiairs and let you three work this out." Liam said, with the umph on the three to remind them that there is a child working it out with them. So, I followed Liam and Zayn up the stairs and we went into Zayn's room to hang out and talk for a little while

Ky's pov:

Once the rest of the boys were up the stairs and we heard the door close, Louis and Niall started yelling/arguing at each other and I couldn't take it anymore.

"STOOOOOP!!!!"I screamed over them.

They both stopped and stared at me in shock,"And my dad still overpowers my scream.'' I said.

"Nialler,it's fine I overreacted amd Boobear,stop screaming at him." I said,but their faces were stil in shock.

"You got her to call you Boobear?"Niall asked Lou.

"Yep. I'm sorry for being so rough on you Nialler."Louis said.

"I'm sorry too, Lou.''Niall said back, and they hugged.

"Awwwwwww."I said and they both looked at me.

I giggled. They looked at each other, then back at me, and Niall picked me up and threw me over his shoulder like I was weightless.

"Hi!" Louis said, then giggled under his breath.Giggled. Uh-oh.

Niall brought me into his room and Louis followed. Niall dropped me on the bed and ran over to the door and locked it.

"What're you doing?" I asked Louis and Niall.

"Why didn't you want me to see what"s in your bag?" Niall asked me.

I looked at Louis for help and he just gave me a show him look.I sighed.

"This is why. I didn't want you to find out, but I guess I don't really have any other choice."I said, reaching for my journal.

Niall's pov:

Ky handed me a notebook that was opened up to the first page. The notebook had the lads and I on the cover. It said:

It doesn't matter if you love someone and they don't know who you are. It isn't a bad thing. You can love a celebrity/singer/band and they can love you back without even knowing you. It's called being a fan. I love Niall Horan from One Direction and I know that he loves me back because I am one of his Directioners. I sing along to their songs, but when Niall's solo parts come up, I listen to them because I like to listen to his voice. I watch fact videos about him. It's a fan thing. I like his laugh alot, and I love his irish accent sooooo much. I write 1D fanfiction with me as the main character so I can live my dreams through my stories, and then I can go back and read them, and see how my relationship with Niall is different than with the rest of the guys in the band. If you do any of those things, it's ojay. You are just being a fan. -Kylie McFadden

"You wrote this?" I asked as I looked up as I looked up and she looked 100% embarrassed.

"Yep. I signed it at the bottom." Ky said.

I went over to her and sat on the bed with her and hugged her.

"This means alot to me, love."I said and she smiled.

"I randomly blurted out my feelings onto this paper hoping that it would make someone feel good someday. I'm glad it was you." Ky said. Louis started breaking into tears and Ky went over and hugged him. We heard sobbing coming from outside the door. I opened the door and found Harry, Liam, and Zayn. That was where the noise was coming from. Ky came over and saw the trainwreck on the floor. Harry, Liam, and Zayn cuddled up into balls like kittens sobbing into their knees. "Really?" Ky said, standing next to me now.

"Apparently, I wasn't the only one touched by your encouragement letter." I said.

"Wait, you said you sing along. What does your voice sound like?"Louis asked her.

Ky's eyes got wide.

"Come on. We'll sing with you." I said.

"Okay, but can we sing You & I or Teenage Dirtbag? Those are a couple of my favorites." Ky asked.

I walked over and grabbed my guitar and the lads got off from the floor and stood up. we decided to sing You & I. Ky and I started singing and I could already tell that she had an amazing voice, because her voice and my voice were in harmony with the guitar.

I figured it out, I figured it out ftom blck and white, Seconds and hours , may be the height to take some time.

Then Liam and Ky sang together, and she sang with the other lads for the rest of  the song.

"You're 12 yrs., right?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, why?" Ky asked back.

"Because it doesn't seem like it at all.'' Zayn said.

"You act,look, and sing like your about our age." Liam said.

"Thanks. My dad would say that all the time, well, when he wasn't drunk anyways." Ky said.

I could see a tear forming.

"Who wants to go swimming?"

"I don't have a bathing suit, though."Ky said.

Kylie's pov:

We looked everywhere for a bathing suit that would fit me, but I doubt we'll find one.  "It's okay guys, I don't really want to go swimming anymore." I lied.

"We should pobably start packing to leave to go home."  Louis said.

All of a sudden someone knocked on the door and we saw flashing lights outside.  I looked through the peek hole in the door.  I can't believe it.  Its my dad and the cops.

"Who is it?" Niall and Louis asked in unison.

They noticed the shocked look on my face.

"It's my dad. And the police."  I said.


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