Fighting For Her

Kylie couldn't stand living with her father anymore. She felt bad for leaving her mother with him, but she had to get away from him. She went to the Café a block over later that day and looked at the tv hanging from the wall. There was a Breaking News Report.

There was a huge car crash. One person killed and another injured. That van looks likes my mom's. It... it.... it is my mom's. She's .... she's .... dead.


1. Losing her

Kylie's pov:

("blurb") I was looking down as I walked so I didn't see where I was going when I ran into a tall man.

"Sorry love."The man said.

He had an irish accent."Oh sorry sir." I said wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Are you okay?"The man asks, quite concerned about me.

"No, not really.I just found out that my mother died in a car crash. It was on the news."I said, looking up to make eye cantact, when I recognized the man's beautiful blue-green eyes.

They were One Direction's Niall Horan's.

"That's why you look familiar.You were on the news. I thought you were one of the fans at my concert for some reason." Niall said.

"You're Niall Horan." I said starstruck.

"In the flesh. And I'm so sorry for your loss."Niall said.

"We should probably get you back to your father's house.Do you know his number?"

"No! I can't go back!"I said frightened by the idea.

"Why?" Niall asked.

"Because.I ran away because of him and my mom came looking for me and she must of been crying and got in a car crash."

"Then I'll take you back to my flat.It'll be alright, love."Niall said, which gave me butterflies in my stomach. I'm going home with Niall Horan.


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