The Heirs {One Direction AU}

"The Heirs" depicts the friendships and love lives of high school students from wealthy families.


2. Prolouge


Chloe been begging you all day to go to the park. You were quite lazy but Chloe wouldn't stop been bugging you.

"Please Zoe, I'm really bored and I think my friend will be there. Come on Zoe!" Chloe pleasing. "And maybe you'll find your prince charming there" Chloe smirk and wink; this is why I loved Chloe 

"But Chloe--" Chloe put her finger in my mouth so I cannot speak

"No buts, go upstairs and change" Chloe said

Believe or not I’m older than Chloe, she's a sweet girl but she act like a teenager. 

"Okay, ma’am” I joked

I quickly go to my room to change into a white plain t-shirt and black skinny jeans, some people told me to be a model because I’m tall, and I grab my vans and I quickly tied it. I grab my shoulder bag and grab my phone and wallet and I make my way to downstairs.

"You look gorgeous Zoe" Chloe says as you go to kitchen to grab some biscuits for her.

"Well thank you Chloe" I smiled as I take her hand "Let's go"

We both walk to the door and make our way to the park. The park is not that far it's like 5 blocks away to our house. Chloe's been talking and talking about all the things we could do in the park and about her friends. I just nod so she knows that I’m listening.

Finally we made to the park and Chloe let's go of her hand on mine and go straight to her friends playing in the playground. I decided to take a seat on the bench near to the playground so I can look at her. As i watch Chloe playing with her friends I saw a guy that definitely caught my attention, he has an acoustic guitar and he seems like singing while the kids listening.

It looks cute and i couldn't help but smile what I saw. He seemed like something different and I liked that very much.

He has a curly brown hair, he was wearing a white V-neck t-shirt with pair of jeans and a rubber shoes, and he’s wearing a beanie too. He is smiling and it makes my heart melt.

"Why are you smiling?" I didn't realize that Chloe is right in front of me

"No I’m not" I stop staring at the cute guy and look at Chloe

"You're looking at the cute guy over there huh?" Chloe smirk

"No I’m not" I defend myself, I didn't want to tell Chloe that I was staring at the guy playing his guitar , and I’m sure that Chloe will go to the guy and tell him that i have a crush on him. 'That is not going too happened'.

"Yes you are" Chloe giggles

"Can you keep your voice down" I glared to Chloe which it makes Chloe go to the guy. 'I told you'.

"Stay here, Chloe" I yelled but Chloe just keep running straight to the guy that I have been staring. I see Chloe taps the shoulder of the guy and he turns around and smile at her. Chloe is telling something that I cannot hear. And she starts giggling and the guy look at me and smiled. My eyes widen and I quickly look away. 

Few minutes past and Chloe came back 

"ZOE!!" Chloe jumping of excitement

"What?" I ask her, I’m little mad at her because I know that she tell something to the guy that's why he look at me.

"The boy who are you staring at want to give these flowers" Chloe gives you a flower and a big smile.

"And he says he thinks you’re very beautiful and he wish you didn't look away from him when he look at you" Chloe is smirking widely "And I think he likes you"

"Really?" I couldn't help but smile. Chloe is like my younger sister that I cannot stop loving her. And the flowers smelled wonderful.

"Come, let me introduce you" Chloe pulling my hands and she starts running which makes me run too. I'm getting nervous when we’re getting nearer.

We finally make our way to the guy. He suddenly stands up and kissed my hands and he was quite tall I guess, I’m like in his shoulder.

"Hi." He says as he look to your eyes and I offer him a smile

"This is Zoe" Natalie introduce me to him "She's really pretty as you can see, she likes dancing in the house with a music with me, she likes watching funny movies. And I think you will be a good couple" 

"Oh yeah" He says with a smile in his face "I'm Harry"

"Hi Harry, I'm Zoe" I offered my hand to him and we kindly shake hands

"So you can be a couple already?" Chloe ask in a excitingly tone

"Chloe, be quiet." I whispered 

"We will be soon." Harry smirked "I just need to make this pretty girl fall for me."

"You’re doing your good job right now" I smiled and look at Harry's eyes

"I am?" Harry smirk "That's good, it makes my job got easier."

"I'm going to the playground. Harry, can you watch Zoe for me?" Chloe did the puppy dog eyes

"I will." Harry smiled while Chloe run to the playground


I know it's a hanger BUT i can't think what's next :() 

MAYBE there will be a part 2 ;)

I hope my mushies (haha, i want to call my readers 'mushies') like it ! :)

VOTES and COMMENT are highly appreciated !


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