Kathy Remirez is a girl who has completely lost her sanity...or did she? In the Pascadero Hospital,a mental hospital, she joined the group A.D.R.E.N.A.L.I.N.E which was for people who REALLY saw things that were REAL. They fought to protect the oh-so-gullible earth,but when Kathy reunites with her friend,Axis Phantom,nothing ,from friendships to A.D.R.E.N.A.L.I.N.E,is the same.


1. Intro



I never forgot the day I learned what it meant.

It was in my fourth grade class,with Mrs. Wolf. We were in Reading class,and she was reading us a few stories to start the Unit. All the stories had to do with real life humans doing real crazy things. For example,a thirteen (or was it fourteen?) year old drove a bus to safety because the bus driver passed out for some random reason. They all came to my attention,but the one that popped put the most was the story of a teenager lifting up some car...VAN,actually,while he was stuck somewhere....natural. Why did it stand out? Because that's when she told us what it meant. "Adrenaline,"my teacher said. "Means something unnatural that happens to a human when we're in times of stress. For example...," and so on about a 9/11 story.

Now I thought that vampires existed at the time. My friends told me abut them and that they were monsters in third grade. I always believed. A certain girl named Axis started it all;kept that little flame of belief burning up until fifth grade...more like SIXTH grade. It was the end of the school year,the Reckma Year,when I stopped believing.

Strangely,I always THOUGHT it was fake. But it was my belief that made me see things:my "anime self". I thought that world was real,but it wasn't. Then,how did all those thingshappen? How did Axis know about things that happened at my place? How did things appear that weren't there about two seconds ago? Why did that bus driver pass out? Things like these,I thought,might never be answered.

Until Axis's little journal.

It was on a website called "Drite" where we could post different kinds of art. People post journals,which never really interested me,but there was one in my notofications that caught my eye:Axis-in-wonderland's journal. She wrote something about waking up at night,and seeing a girl with a pink dress,brown hair,and (I won't say) a substance dripping from her face. She talked about things like these happening when she was four,then embracing it. But even as she embraced the horror,they wouldn't leave the poor girl alone.

Then I remembered:I had my own experience. It only happened about twice in my life. One was a long time ago,during the school year. I dreamed that for once,I was mean to the very girl that meant a lot to me:Axis Phantom. Have I mentioned she kept up my belief in vampires for almost three years? I couldn't remember much,but I told Axis in a way that Alexa would've talked (in a sarcastic,fake smiley,voice):"I don't trust you anymore."

A few weeks after that dream (or a nightmare?) Reckma day (the day all of my class drifted apart) began.

Ok,credits goes to Bloodstained Wonderland for inspiration and cover. She ACTUALLY made me look pretty with my dark skin and all (ok,no racist comments. Also,I AM pretty dark for an Asian person XP). The wonders she does...except my hair is really black,but red hair makes me look pretty XD Also,I thank her for helping with a little inspiration ;)

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