Kathy Remirez is a girl who has completely lost her sanity...or did she? In the Pascadero Hospital,a mental hospital, she joined the group A.D.R.E.N.A.L.I.N.E which was for people who REALLY saw things that were REAL. They fought to protect the oh-so-gullible earth,but when Kathy reunites with her friend,Axis Phantom,nothing ,from friendships to A.D.R.E.N.A.L.I.N.E,is the same.


3. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

"EWEWEWEW!,"I yelled,waving my hand around the spiderwebs. "Why are we here again?!"

"Do you ever pay attention?,"Axis sighed. "I said this is the only way to get there."

"Going through an air vent,"I mumbled. "Is the ONLY option for going around a hospital"

"Look,"she lectured me. "We're considered 'special' so they got our footprints,our eyes scanned,and cameras on 24/7!"

That shut me up.

A few (practically) miles ahead,Axis stops me. "What?,"I ask,slide forward,and fall,screaming,then blacking out.

~:Time Skip:~

"Uh....,"I wake up..somewhere. I don't know the place,but I know what it looks like. I dreamt of people coming here for the first time, ten in all. They were sitting around a table,discussing about "sightings".

"Are you awake,Kathy?!,"Axis was shaking me. " my eyes were half open and I saw tears escaping from her eyes. 'So much for a heartless jerk,'I think,recalling what she called herself about two years ago.

"Hey,Axis,"I leaned up. She immediately hugged me,crying. Then she slapped me.

"What the *(beep)* is wrong with you?!,"she yelled. "You just HAD to keep on going,then hit your hard little head on--"

"That's enough,Axis,"one of the voices from my dreams said. I opened my eyes up a little wider to see a boy with dark,ebony hair and light skin. His eye color was a shade of blue:indigo,and he was slightly taller than Axis,though I still could tell he was only about her age. If not,younger.

"H-hi,"I embarrassingly slammed my hand on the floor,while trying to get up,and jamming my pinkie. "Ouch."

He laughed,"I'm Aidan. You're new here?"

I was just about to say something until Axis cut me off "Yeah,thanks to me." He laughed even more,but it stayed gentle...which was weird,considering he was a guy...IS THIS HEAVEN?!

"So you a part of this 'social club'?I asked. "And what does 'social club' even mean,since you're using quotations?!"

"Well,"Aidan said. "It means a club for mental people who really see things. We call it A.D.R.E.N.A.L.I.N.E. And me? I'm one of the main founders..even though there's like,what,ten of us."

I blinked. "Oh."

"So what brought her here?,"he asked Axis.

She shrugged. "Think her parents saw the messages we sent to her."

"Ah,"Aidan nodded in approval. "You were misunderstood,with no one trusting in what you saw,we get it. That's why you're here." He smiled. "Any questions before we get started?"

"Uh yeah," I blinked. "One,what does each word in A.D.R.E.N.A.L.I.N.E stand for? And two,when you came here,were you one of the people who were discussing about...sightings? If you're did this group come to be?"

He seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. "Ah,yes. That's how this group was founded. Each of us were roommates and each roommate linked to another roommate while one roommate didn't know the other. So five of us knew each other while five knew nothing of the other's existences. So Daniel,Elizabeth,Allie,Isaac,and Erick ended up wanting to bring us together to prove our sightings. And now here we are,the forgotten yet infamous Hall 51,fighting for our little gullible earth. And the letters in A.D.R.E.N.A.L.I.N.E stand'll get to that as soon as we get to the other end of the hall"

I nodded,liking this groups' history. Even the way they put their names together sounded cool!

We walked through the hall,which was a practical BUILDING! Well,you don't see THAT everyday...then again,you don't see this kind of group,or HOSPITAL everyday. We walked through the submission boxes,the doctors (though they're nothing like the "doctors" here to drive us "out of insanity". In fact,they explain that they're driving us INTO insanity,and they're the real doctors for the real purpose),their nurses(they help with physical injuries), the battle armory,and the escape planners. Normally,you would think this is a short organization to keep the hospital people away,but Aidan says it's to protect earth from the things we see.

When we finally arrived to the end of the hall,I immediately saw it:a round table with nine people sitting around it. They were the exact people from my dream;especially the one with hot pink hair. All eyes turned towards me as Aidan said,"This is the newcomer:Katherine Remirez."

A girl with indigo eyes and short,raven hair said,"Welcome. I'm Aidan's older sister,Elizabeth." Sh held out her hand so I could shake it,but I guess I didn't shake hard enough,since she hardly moved her hand.

Aidan placed a hand on my shoulder saying,"It's fine,she's just really paralyzed from our last....battle." "Ah,"I nodded as she smiled, fact,was the same as Aidan's smile.

"so I hear you came due to them,"she paused to cough,"finding out."

"E-eh?!,"I stepped back. "How'd you know so fast?"

She laughed,which was so much like Aidan's,it scared me more than the similarities of their smiles.

"I'm a telepath,"she explained. 'I can read your mind,'I hear her voice echoing through my brain.

"Wow...,"I said in awe. I've always liked the power of telepathy,since it could both heal and destroy in the most extreme ways. To me,the mind is the second strongest weapon. First strongest? Your heart. But at times,it's the weakest...if YOUR heart is weak.

"Very true,"Elizabeth said. Everyone looked at her,confused. She explained,which cleared things up a lot.

As soon as we were finished discussing about our sightings,a loud voice on the intercom spoke:"HELLO FELLOW--WAIT WHA..?" There was a faint mumbling as everyone laughed. "Daniel's never going to learn how to use it,is he?,"Axis laughed,wiping a tear. "That's better.. Ah.. Everyone meet at the Round Table. ESPECIALLY YOU--oops. Especially the newcomers."

"Well,"Elizabeth said,tying up her hair. "That's our cue."

And with that,we each took our place and began the meeting

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