The Chase

In a world where you have to pay to live, and the government will kill you if you don't then running is your only option. They are coming, faster and faster. Soon enough they will catch you.


1. Run, hide or die

Run, hide or die. Those are the only options now. Well, at least for people like me. Those who cant afford to pay. To pay for the rights to live. Thats what are government has come to. The economy got so bad and the overpopulation was ridiculous so they implicated the life bill. You now have to pay a certain sum to have the right to live. As well as having to pay for necessities etc... So for your average person like me, paying wasn't an option, only the rich and famous can afford to live. So like me and my family as well as the rest of the population we went on the run. We were running away from the government. If you didn't pay the life bill then there were consequences. The only difference was that not paying for the right to live meant certain death, as in shot on site execution for not paying. If you weren't caught then you were fair game for looters and criminals. Either way, you had to fight to survive. Most of us out here have lost someone. I lost my family. My father was killed on a raid. He was getting supplies when he was ambushed. It was all going fine until they jumped him, three to one and he didn't survive.

My mother, she was the most recent. Along with the rest of our group. I was at the lake that day, collecting water when i heard the screams. I ran back to the camp but by the time i got there it was too late. Everybody was laying dead on the ground. The signature bullet through the head. They never aim anywhere else. It didn't take me long to find my mum. I found her arm after searching through some debris. I pulled her put of the burning hut that we had constructed together merely a week ago. I looked at her face as beautiful as ever, only this time with a scarlet ribbon dripping down her face. Leaching from the gaping hole in her head. I closed her eyelids and wept on her stomach.

I knew staying here was suicide. There were no supplies and soon enough they would be back to search for survivors. I looked back one last time at my mother, then quickly took her wedding ring and placed it on my finger, as well as fastening her locket around my neck. Slinging my canteen across my shoulder i jumped up and began my trek into the great unknown. Scared, Alone, Afraid and Determined.

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