The Chase

In a world where you have to pay to live, and the government will kill you if you don't then running is your only option. They are coming, faster and faster. Soon enough they will catch you.


2. Check point

Crunch, another twig snapped beneath my boots. I was trying to be as silent as possible but in a forest it wasnt easy. I was getting close to the checkpoint now, but i was running out of water. Hopefully i could make it before sundown.

The checkpoint was an area about 10 km from our position, my father had taken me on a walk one day, he told my mother that he was going to explain what had happened, even though i already knew. He told me that in the event of an emergancy i should come here. It was large oak tree, in the middle of lots of other large oak trees, quite inconspicuous, unless you knew the exact way. From the stream, 600 paces, then at a 45 degree angle 50 paces. A memory of the shape surfaced to my mind. This was the one. My hand grated against the bark, callous from the countless trees i had climbed being on the run. The climb was relatively easy, it took about ten minutes to get to the top of the tree. Looking back i could see all across the forest, on one side, it was entirely peaceful, the birds were flying and swooping through air. They didnt have to pay to live, they had an automatic right to live. As i turned it saw the smoking remains, black smoke choking the clear blue sky. What was once home to a great civilation now lay tattered in ruins. 

as i decended down into my leafy surroundings if found the trunk, there was a small brown mat covering the top, as i removed it, i found a small cavern inside the hollow tree. It contained a change of clothes - ones that match the surroundings, green tank and brown pants, comfortable and flexible to move and climb in. A bottle of water with a box of purification tablets. There were also some cans of food as well as dried fruits and crackers. Stuffing all of these in my pack i went to put on the lid when something glinted inside the cavern. Using my fingers i pried at the bark, with the effort i slipped slightly, cutting my hand on the rough wood. Blodd dripping into the wood i finally tore away the hideout. Inside was something that suprised me. First, the glinting object, it was a knife, one of two actually. The names of both my father and mother were on the. Inscribed into the blade. Shoving them in my belt i grabbed for the last object. It was a well worn envolope, just as i went to open paper, i was interrupted by the sound of gunshots.

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