Meeting Niall

“what are you doing?”, you said while whispering,
“I’m getting some food!”, he said in a sneaky voice.
“What!, you can’t do that you’ll get caught” ,Niall puts his finger over his lips,
read this short fanfiction About a girl meeting Niall,
(This was my first fanfiction I wrote a year ago)


1. meeting niall

                             MEETING Niall !!!!    


                                “All aboard!,”

You walk up to the train and about step on the first step and you hear,

“Excuse me miss you dropped your purse.”said a young man with a irish accent.

“Oh, thanks!”

“The name’s Niall ,”

 “I’m Hannah” ,

You take the purse.

“Are you going on this train?”

“Yeah, are you?” He runs up on the third step and grabs your hand, you gasp in excitement  and you both go in the seat just in front of the curtain that leads to the rich people coach.

You fall asleep on his arm and his head leaning against the window,

 in the morning you both wake up to the smell of bacon.

”Is that, bacon?”,Niall says while smelling the air,

“yeah I think its coming from the rich people coach . Niall gets up,

   “what are you doing?”, you said while whispering,

“I’m getting some food!”, he said in a sneaky voice.

“What!, you can’t do that you’ll get caught” ,Niall puts his finger over his lips,

“shhh!”, Niall sneak’s into the rich people coach and grabs a whole plate of bacon and two wine glasses and a fancy glass bottle of orange juice.

He walks to the empty cart that weel’s around

and puts everything on top. He pushes the cart back to the seat

“ breakfast  is served”,

you start laughing and Niall starts to pour the orange juice  in the wine glasses then he hands you a glass.

“ cheers to how clever I am”, he says while holding up his wine glass.You both start drinking and niall paused and he sat down his drink to split up the bacon evenly.

“Here you go”, said Niall, he puts a napkin on your lap and the bacon on top of the napkin.”What about you?”,

“oh, don’t worry I have some bacon too”,

he said while showing you his pieces of bacon.Later on you both pile your stuff on the cart and Niall pushed it back to where it was.

“Thank you!”,  “You're welcome ”, he says with a clever smile. You fall asleep on the window.

He wakes you up when the train stopped.You wake up and you start to yawn

“Welcome to the UK!”, Niall says with excitement ,

”We’re there already?”,

“Yep, and you're going to like it here”, said Niall.You look out the window to see what everything looks like “Everything looks so beautiful here!”,

“I know,I can’t wait to walk outside”, he says while looking out the window

“Well, what are we waiting for?”,

“To go outside?”, said Niall.

“Yeah, lets go!”, you run down the hall that leads to the exit of the train

“Hey! wait for me!”, he says while running after you”.

“Whoa!look at this place”, you stop at the bottom step of the train looking around

Niall is on the step above you looking around and is speechless.

you walk down the step to stare at the fountain with a statue in the middle

“The grass is so green,and this statue is so beautiful”, you spin in a circle with your arms wide open.

“Hannah, you should stop spinning around or you will fall in the fountain”.

“Whoa!”, SPLASH! Niall comes running towards you,

“Are you ok?” Niall reaches his hand out to help you out of the fountain

“Yeah I'm fine”, you grab his hand and stepped out of the fountain

“You're soaking wet,you should change in some dry clothes” he hands you your bag that has your clothes in it,

“Thanks,”you smile at him and walk in to the train station so you can change into some dry clothes.You walk out of the the girls bathroom in some dry clothes,you look down to see if your shoes are still looking wet.

“You took a long time” you look up and see Niall smiling at you.

“How do I look?”,

“Beautiful,” Niall looks at you and he can’t help but smile.

“ I’m hungry lets go somewhere to eat, how about Nandos ?”, Niall said excitedly

“sure.”, I said in a perky attitude.

Later on you both walk up to the door of the restaurant ,

“Here, I’ll open the door for you”said Niall.

“Table for two please.”, He said firmly,
“ Right away sir.”, Said the man at the counter.

The man at the counter walks you and niall to the table.

“Here are your menu’s and can I get you guys something to drink?”, said one of the waiters

“I’ll get a lemonade” ,said Niall

“And I’ll get a water please”,

“Ok your drinks will be right with you”. ,“Oh wait can you get two burgers for me and her please?”, said Niall.

“Sure, that will be coming with the drinks”, the waiter smiles and walks away. While you are waiting Niall starts humming a song,

“What song are you humming?”, he starts humming louder.

You start to not listen to him, then when he notices your not listening he start’s to sing at the top of his lungs. “I used to rule the world, seas would rise when I gave the word!”

“Hey I know that song its called Viva La Vida'?” I said in a questioning voice. He gets up on the table and pretends there's a microphone in his hand, He starts to sing

“Now in the morning I sweep alone, sweep the streets I used to own!”

“Shhh, get down you’ll get caught!” I said while staring at him.He gets down and tries not to laugh, “Here are your orders” the waiter hands out the food and the drinks you ordered.

”Thank you” I said while smiling.The waiter smiles back and walks away, you and Niall start to eat.After you and Niall are done eating he pays the bill and Niall starts to lead you to the door

“Thank you for the meal, it was great” I said

“we should spend the night at a hotel so we can get some sleep” Niall leads me to the nearest hotel.Niall takes your bags into the hotel

“One room with two beds please” he says while asking the man at the counter

“Sure here is your room key” said the the  man behind the counter

you both go in the room.

“Thank you for the room” I said with a smile

“You're welcome, but theres something I have to tell you”

“What” I said with a frown

“I’m going to have to leave tomorrow” he says while looking down

“Why do you have to leave?”

“I have to go to an audition tomorrow”

“Well, good luck “ you set your bags down and you laid down on the bed to get some sleep and Niall falls asleep after you.

“ Good morning” Niall wakes you up with breakfast

“Oh, thanks” you smile and start to eat,

“Hope you enjoy” he sits down to eat. After you’re done you and niall check out of the room

“Where, are you going after I leave?”

“My aunts,” you both walk up to the sidewalk to call a taxi

“TAXI!” I shouted the taxi stops and you get in

“Aren't you getting in?” I asked

“ No, the place I’m going is just down the road” he says. You get out to give him a hug,

“Bye Niall”

“Bye Hannah” you get back in the taxi but when you close the door niall knocks on the window,and you rolled it down

“Yah?” i asked

“Here's my number so we can keep in touch” he hands you his number. “Ok, I’ll call you tomorrow”

“ok,” he smiles

“31 maple street please” I told the driver

“sure thing” said the driver. The driver starts to drive and as the taxi drives away niall is waving you goodbye you look back and you realised that you might never see him again.


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