4 Years of One Direction || Fan letters

Hello everyone! Welcome to the book of Directioners letters! I'll be running this book on for a whole year! Details will be in the first chapter, so go on and read Directioners letters! Posted: July 23, 2014 at 8:22 p.m. UK time. ©Copyright Shyviolin 2014. Please no duplicating.


8. 7|| Emily

Dear boys, you have all helped me through thick and thin, i love all of you!! I love Liam and Niall the most though (sorry boys!) Liam taught me that if you try you can achieve anything and to always love others, Niall taught  me that it is ok to always laugh and that when the time is right you will meet your true prince/princess, Zayn taught me to bring out my artistic side and not to be shy and always hide, Louis taught me that it is okay to be crazy and not to care what others think and to be who I am, and lastly Harry taught me that you can make it through whatever challenge is in front of you, you can get through it. I will always be a directioner. The first time that I ever saw myself as beautiful is when i first heard WMYB when i heard that song i didnt think look how disgustingly ugly and fat i am i thought wow i am beautiful and im not fat and disgusting, i am not afraid to show it I LOVE MY BOYS!! 

With love forever,

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