4 Years of One Direction || Fan letters

Hello everyone! Welcome to the book of Directioners letters! I'll be running this book on for a whole year! Details will be in the first chapter, so go on and read Directioners letters! Posted: July 23, 2014 at 8:22 p.m. UK time. ©Copyright Shyviolin 2014. Please no duplicating.


5. 4|| Cammy


 Dear One Direction,


Hi! My name is Cammy. Umm I am a huge fan of you boys. I bet you hear that a lot, but I really am a big fan. I'm a Harry and Niall girl. I can't pick between you two! So this might be long and I'm sorry. Here it goes. Two years ago, I came acrossed you boys and I really liked you guys. Fast forward two years and here I am, still in absolute love with you boys. You guys mean the world to me. When I'm sad, you boys always make me smile, when I'm in the mood for some killer music, I can always listen to yours and your music always makes me feel special. I can't describe the feeling I get when I see you boys or hear you boys. You all make my life fulll of joy and happiness and I will be forever thankful for everything you guys have done for me. You know, a lot of people don't understand why I love you all so much. They laugh and make fun of me, but I ignore them because I have such a strong relationship with you guys that is priceless. They just don't understand what we have and they're missing out. Christmas 2013 my parents gave me tickets to see you guys on August 16th, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan. I started crying when I found them. I realized that I'll see my five idols and that meant the world to me. I can never repay you guys for what you have done for me. Sure, I can buy merch and albums, but you guys have gave me a life of happiness and there is no way I can return the favor. I hope you guys stay together forever. You guys are brothers and it would kill me if something happened between you all. Liam, your intelligence and the way you're not afraid to stick up for yourself and the boys, makes me strong myself. Louis, your carefree personality always makes me smile and laugh and lets me live that same kind of lifestyle, being carefree. Zayn, your shyness, which you overcame and your artistic side helped me break out of my shyness and bring out my artistic side too. Harry, you're very strong mentally and you have to deal with rough things, which makes me stay strong and push myself because I know that if you can make it, I can too. Lastly, Niall, my little snowflake. You make me so happy it's indescribable. You taught me how to laugh more freely and how to love more deeply. I know that some people might not undersand it, but I know you do, Nialler. I'm never going to leave your side boys. I thank you for everything you did for me. You're not just a band. You're way more than that. Real bands save fans and real fans save bands. Baby, you're saving mine. Thank you and I love you all. Never stop taking the world by storm.

Love Always,


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