4 Years of One Direction || Fan letters

Hello everyone! Welcome to the book of Directioners letters! I'll be running this book on for a whole year! Details will be in the first chapter, so go on and read Directioners letters! Posted: July 23, 2014 at 8:22 p.m. UK time. ©Copyright Shyviolin 2014. Please no duplicating.


3. 2|| Payoja


Dear One Direction, 

there was a time when I was crying. The first time I came across you is the time when I was crying over some issue related to my insecurities of my weight and my looks. They called me 'ugly' and 'fat' but I was addicted to internet at that time, so it ended up in the situation where I was searching for some songs to lift the spirit up and 'WMYB' was famous at that time.

Many people might call it silly or childish but I did not care and listened to it. 

I have had no idea about the lyrics but I was surprised when the first line began 'You're insecure' and I felt like someone told me that line, then it was 'Don't know what for' 
I was addicted to it and this is how my journey began to be a Directioner :) I really don't care whoever calls my favorite band childish[ haters ] or make the parodies of their songs, its their views to express and that does not change the fact how much attached I have become to these guys, they are big parts of my life and even though they don't know that I exist, they make the existence of many Directioners to sustain. Like you are new in a country and suddenly, you hear someone playing their music and you go to seek help from them and ask then about One Direction [ just saying this can happen ]. 

You make the fans in your base to remain connected :) and I met some extremely nice people as well because of the same taste which is main, One Direction. 


I support you guys in every thing you do, whether you date any girl but as long as they make you happy or be broken or complain about anything because we are family and you 5 are the presidents XD 


                                                                                                                                                            Payoja <3 :) 

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