Bayside beach house

Scarlett, Taylor, and Skye are basically siblings. What happens when they go to Scarlett's Uncle's beach house for the summer? You'll have to see...


1. characters

Scarlett- main character&Skye and Taylor's bestfriend(16)

Adam- new guy in town(16)

Skye- Scarlett and Taylor's bestfriend(16)

Taylor(a guy)- Scarlett and Skye's bestfriend(16)

Lindsey- queen bee(15)

Will- jock(17)

Connor- Skye's boyfriend(16)

Presley- Taylor's girlfriend(16)

Troy- Skye's gbf(16)

Dylan- Scarlett's older brother(18)

Josh- Skye's younger brother(13)

Lily- Taylor's younger sister(13)

Mr and Mrs wood- Scarlett's parents

Mr and Mrs newman- Skye's parents

Mr and Mrs chestler- Taylor's parents

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