Bayside beach house

Scarlett, Taylor, and Skye are basically siblings. What happens when they go to Scarlett's Uncle's beach house for the summer? You'll have to see...


10. ch. 9

Scarlett's POV

I woke up saturday morning with the most beautiful view from my bedroom. Damn this house is so awesome. I looked at my phone to check the time. It was 6:30. i had text that said "come up to the loft." If me and Taylor woke up early we would text each other to go up to the sleeping loft which had such a beautiful view of the sun rise. I went up there and he looked like he had been crying. "why did she have to do it" taylor said in a depressed voice. "some people have no respect for the nice guys" i said trying to cheer him up. "want a cuddle buddy?" I asked."yes please" he said starting to cheer up a bit. It's not weird for me to cuddle with Taylor because he is like my brother. We laid back and put arms around each other, then watched the sunrise. We fell back asleep but then Skye woke us up. "and why was I not invited for cuddle buddies" skye said in a mean sarcastic voice. we laughed and then went down to the kitchen where the personal cook was. Her name is Layda and she is from Italy. When all of our families went and stayed in Tuscany for a week she was our cook and maid. We loved her so much that we bring her out to the beach house every summer now. "morning layda!" we all said. We all were super excited to see her, i think of her as family. She kissed all of our cheeks and hugged us then explained what was for breakfast. We set the table on the west porch(the ocean view porch) and started to eat. After we ate we decided to go paddle boarding. We all went to our rooms and got our bathing suits on. As I walked outside Taylor was getting all the paddle boards out. "I think it's unhealthy to be that ripped" i told him. he giggled and told me "I think you have better abs than me." "did you just challenge me to an ab contest?" I said. "i guess I did" he replied. "me and you ab contest on the paddle boards." we got on the paddle boards when Skye came out and then we all, one by one, started showing off our abs. Since we all play hockey were pretty ripped. "I think Taylor wins" Skye and I said together. In a flamboyant voice Tay said "thanks guysss!" we all laughed then had a race on the paddle boards. I won twice and Skye and Tay won once. After we got showers and got dressed we all went into the great room to make a list of what we need for the party. Then we went to the store. We got a cart and Skye and I jumped in the cart. Tay took this opportunity to scare the shit out of us and ran with it. LITERALLY. He was running through the store making super tight turns almost killing us a couple times. After awhile he stopped but we stayed in the cart. We got so much stuff. I think like 150 people are coming so we stocked up on everything. Every year we get fake beer for the party so we don't have to worry about throw up and hung over teenagers the next day. The best thing about the fake beer is that the people still act drunk except they just don't throw up. We got like 5 or 6 kegs of fake beer after the grocery store. Then we went home and had people there to get the house ready for the party while Tay, Skye, and I got dressed and ready.

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