Bayside beach house

Scarlett, Taylor, and Skye are basically siblings. What happens when they go to Scarlett's Uncle's beach house for the summer? You'll have to see...


9. ch. 8

Taylor's POV

I woke up to Scarlett passed out on my bed and Skye on the floor. we must of all just drifted off in random places haha. I woke them up and told them we need to get on the road. we got packed up and started to drive. in 10 hours we were hoping to arrive at the beach house. it was 6 in the morning when we got on the road. we were hoping to get there by 4. we drove 5 hours and then stopped at our spot for lunch. We have special places to eat at on the way to Seattle,it's tradition. after we ate we drove the rest of the 5 hours. we drove through downtown Seattle and everyone whistled at our cars when we would stop at lights since they were so nice. Finally we made it to the ferry line to get on the island. We got on to our spot to wait for the ferry. then we all got on our walkie talkies. i started up with the jokes again and made the girls laugh uncontrollably. Once the ferry came we all got out and took selfies on the boat outside. we all each posted our picture on instagram sayong "made it! #whidbeysummer2014" then we all got back in our cars and got off the ferry when it made it to the other side. Since it's Scarlett's uncle's house she is the best at finding the house so we follow her. after about a 20 minute drive through the beautiful scenery, we finally arrive. Scarlett's uncle has a wife, but no kids. So when he built the house he wanted the three kids that were all the same age to stay the whole summer. He let us design our part of the house and everything. downstairs in our part of the house is the three bedrooms(one for each of us) then upstairs is the 4 sets of bunkbeds. We get out of the car and its about 6 o'clock. It honestly felt like home. we all went to our rooms and unpacked. I saw Scarlett walk outside so i went to Skye's room to scare her. "BOO!!" i yelled. Skye turned with her fists up.She was so relieved when she saw it was me. "not cool Tay." she said. i laid on her bed and she did the same. "sometimes when I feel sad i close my eyes and picture i'm here" Skye said. "it always gets me through the year till summer" she repeated. We both closed our eyes and before I knew it i woke up and it was 7:30. Skye woke up at the same time and we both laughed. we went into the great room where Scarlett was napping. We decided to jump on her. Skye held up her fingers and counted to 3. we both jumped on her and she screamed. We all laughed and then decided to order pizza. After we ordered the pizza we decided to watch tv. Scarlett's uncle had a tv instaled above the fireplace, and i know what you're think "whats the big deal? a lot people do that." well... his tv comes out of the wall when you turn it on above the fireplace. His house is crazy. we got a call from the pizza guy, He needed us to open the gate. i walked up and got the pizza from him. Then as i was walking back i saw the neighbor. There is only one other person that has a house in the gated property and His name is Spike. "hey spike!" i said. "hey Taylor! already summer?" he said back. "yep, time flies!" i said. i brought back the pizza and we turned on a movie. after the movie it was like 11. we had our brithday party to plan for tommorow.

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