Bayside beach house

Scarlett, Taylor, and Skye are basically siblings. What happens when they go to Scarlett's Uncle's beach house for the summer? You'll have to see...


7. ch. 6

Skyes POV

I woke up to a bunch of balloons in my room obviously because it was my birthday. As I looked at my phone I had a text from Connor it was a whole long paragraph for my birthday that made me really happy then I saw text from Scarlett and Taylor telling them for me to get downstairs. As I came out I saw my mom had a blindfold as usual on my birthday for my car. I got really excited to see what kind of car I got, my parents put the blindfold on me and we walked outside with Scarlet and Taylor holding each of my arms. I'm kind of getting sick of having no room in my car so I'm hoping I got a big car. As they took the blindfold off of me I looked and saw a brand-new Escalade. It was cream-colored which was what I really wanted. It had so much room, that was probably where we were going to put our things for the road trip to Seattle. Taylor Scarlett and I take our own car to Seattle but we always put our stuff in Scarlett's car usually, because her car is the biggest. Now that she has a Corvette and I have an Escalade my car is the biggest. My parent shouted surprise and I jumped in the car. We decided to take my car to school today. It was the last day of school too. We leave for Seattle tomorrow and I'm way too excited for the trip. As we pulled up to school everyone looked at me. When I got out of the car Connor ran up and give me a huge kiss. Taylor and Scarlett said they were going to go to their class and I walked with Connor. Connor started to tell me how he had a surprise for me when I got home, it's a going away gift and also a birthday present. I was pretty excited. As I got to class a lot of people wished me a happy birthday. Today was another half day so the day went by pretty fast. After school I say goodbye to most of the seniors and wish them luck in college. Then I went to my car where Scarlett and Taylor were waiting."How does it feel to be 17" Taylor said, "it feels awesome" I said. As we drove home I said why don't we go get a celebratory ice cream for finishing junior year with all straight A's. Taylor and Scarlet said no there's a surprise waiting for you when you get home. As I walked up I saw a huge banner that Connor put up at in front of my house it said happy birthday babe. I was so surprised and then I went up to him and he had a little box in his hand. I kind of got scared thinking it was an engagement ring, but I know Connor and he wouldn't propose when we were 17 years old. He gave me the box and I opened it and it was a necklace with a heart that said Connor and then he showed me the The keychain he had that was a heart-shaped that said Skye. It Made me cry because he knew I wanted that so bad. After that we went inside and every one from our family was over for dinner. Taylor and Scarlet wait to have dinner on my birthday so we can all celebrate together. It's always a very big dinner and it's full of great memories every year. It was also like a going away party at the same time because our family doesn't go up to Seattle with us. Is everyone was leaving, I hugged everyone and then Taylor and Scarlett told me to be ready by 7 o'clock so we can leave for Seattle. Then I went to bed to get some rest for tomorrow.

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