Bayside beach house

Scarlett, Taylor, and Skye are basically siblings. What happens when they go to Scarlett's Uncle's beach house for the summer? You'll have to see...


6. ch. 5

Taylor's POV

I woke up and looked around my room which was filled with balloons as usual on my birthday. I looked at my phone and their were texts from everyone except Presley. I got up to go see what my parents got me and Scarlett was down stairs waiting with her mom and my mom. They blind folded us and then we walked outside. They took off the blind fold and I saw two brand new cars. The one with Scarlett's name on it was the brand new red corvette. The one with my name was the blue and white mustang. Scarlett and I hugged our moms and then got in our new cars. After we looked at our new cars we got ready for school, And then decided who is going to drive first. We decided that I would get to drive my new car to school because Scarlett took us yesterday. After that we went to school. When we got to school everyone was whistling at my new car when I got out will, Lindsey's boyfriend, almost ran me over. I yelled at him to slow down and then held up my middle finger. I know he did it to make me mad but I was just pissed because he could've killed me. After that I went to class and checked my phone but there were still no messages from Presley. If she doesn't send me a birthday message by the end of today or go to my house to see me I'm going to end things with her. Lately she hasn't been coming around or talking to me so I'm getting very skeptical about her and if she's cheating or not. Since today was a half-day because of finals it went by very fast. After school we got in my car and then dropped Skye off at her house so she could study. Then we took Scarlett's new car out for a joyride. The Corvette Rode so smooth and was very fast.

Scarlett's POV

As we drove off from my house in my new car I could tell something was bugging Taylor as he looked at his phone there were no messages."She hasn't texted you about your birthday yet has she" I said. "No she hasn't yet" Tay said. "I'm going to end things with her right now I think" Taylor said."Why don't you do it in person then" I said, I took a quick turn to Presley's house. As we pulled up to her house I ran up to the door knock. When she opened the door she was wearing nothing but a bedsheet. Then I'm a guy that looked to be about 20 years old came out in his boxers, called her babe, and said to come back to the bedroom. Tay's eyes started filling up with tears. She said happy birthday in a sarcastic voice and so i decided to give Tay a birthday present. I told her to burn in hell right as my fist broke her jaw. Then the guy closed the door and i let Tay silently cry into my shirt. After a couple seconds he said he was fine and we went back to Skye's house and told her what happened. Then we went home and as I walked into the house there was a note on the ground. It said "cold" then i found the next note which said "warm" then when I found a bunch of other notes i found the last one that was at my bedroom door. It said "your on fire" as I opened the door i saw Adam with a huge bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. As I opened the chocolates each one had a letter on it. It spelled out will you be my girlfriend? I was so happy i said yes and he said "i have one more surprise, I can go for a week in July" i jumped on him and we fell on my bed laughing. Then he looked at me leaned in, and touched my lips with his. We pulled after a couple seconds and smiled. He was my first kiss and I was so happy. It turned out to be almost a perfect day. Hopefully Tay is doing ok with the whole Presley thing.

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