Bayside beach house

Scarlett, Taylor, and Skye are basically siblings. What happens when they go to Scarlett's Uncle's beach house for the summer? You'll have to see...


5. ch. 4

Scarlett's POV

I got up to get ready for school at 6:30am. After I got dressed i walked down stairs where Dylan was sitting. I asked him about his weekend and we talked for about 15 minutes while I ate. Then I went outside and put my things in my car and waited for Skye and Tay. When they got there we all got in and i drove us to school. When we got there we parked and Skye met up with Connor. Taylor's girlfriend doesn't go to our school. She goes to the school in the city next to us. To be honest his girlfriend is pretty uptight and annoying. She controls Tay and he doesn't even realize it. I just go with it though because she makes Tay happy. Hopefully one day he'll realize how bitchy she is though. Anyways, me and Tay walked to class and went in and sat down. Even though we sit next to eachother in that class he started texting me and we were laughing so much that the teacher yelled at us to go sit in the hallway. When we got outside we were talking and laughing then all of a sudden that kid i saw from the party walked down the hall. I said hey and he came up and we finally introduced ourselves. His name is adam and he is a junior also. Tay told me to go walk with him and that he would cover for me. As we started walking Lindsey passed us and just rolled her eyes. "I hate her" adam said. I asked if he knew her and he said "she's my cousin". I was surprised, "I'm sorry" i said to him. We planned to hangout and get some icecream after school today. I walked back to class and Tay was still waiting for me. As we waited for the bell to ring i told him about how his name was adam and that he is Lindsey's cousin and that we were going out for icecream today. When the bell finally rang we went our separate ways since we have different classes for 2nd period. When I got to class Lindsey was sitting where i usually sit. So i sat where she usually sits which pissed her off. She came up to me and told me to get up so i ignored her. Then she started screaming and embarrassing herself so the teacher made her leave the class. When it was finally lunch time, I went to the usual spot where Tay, Skye, and I meet. They teased me about Adam and asked about the details of the date and then we talked about our birthdays. Tay and I have the same birthday and Skye is the day after. Our birthday is tomorrow and Skye's is wednesday. We agreed on the usual for our party which is to throw a party at the beach house with our friends there. We all hoped to get a new car for our road trip to the beach house. We love doing the annual road trip to Seattle with just us three. We always find something crazy on the way there. When lunch ended i was walking back to class and I saw Lindsey giving me a death glare, then she flipped me off. Typical Lindsey. After school i drove Tay and Skye home then headed to the ice cream place. When I got there Adam and I hugged then went to order. As we sat down with our ice cream we talked about my birthday tomorrow. "I have a surprise for you" Adam said super excited. I said "awww your too sweet". Then we went on to his hometown Seattle. He told me he wanted to go back for a week and visit the city but his parents couldn't afford a hotel for a week for him. I told him about the beach house on Whidbey Isalnd( right outside Seattle) and how I'm allowed to have someone come visit for a week in July. His face lit up and he said he would ask his parents tonight and tell me what they say. As we walked to our cars Adam reached out, kissed my cheek, and said "goodbye beautiful". That made me blush ALOT. This was going to be an interesting summer.

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