Bayside beach house

Scarlett, Taylor, and Skye are basically siblings. What happens when they go to Scarlett's Uncle's beach house for the summer? You'll have to see...


4. ch. 3

Taylor's POV

As we pulled up to Scarlett's house we got Skye out and helped her into her bed. After that I walked back to my house with Scarlett so we could talk. I was still wondering who that guy was but she still just said she didn't know who he was, so i dropped the subject. We started watching a movie and then we both finally fell asleep. "Lol i fell asleep here again" Scarlett said as we both woke up. We went down stairs and saw Scarlett's mom talking to my mom. We both said good morning and and Scarlett told her mom she fell asleep here. Lily came running down the stairs yelling "auntie W!" She ran past everyone and straight Scarlett's mom. We all had breakfast and then Scarlett and i headed over to Skye's house to check on her. She was pretty hungover, but still up to doing something today. We decided to take the Lambo to Newport Beach and drive down PCH(pacific coast highway). The last three days of school are next week and then the three of us are off to Scarlett's Uncle's beachhouse on Whidbey Island. It's bay front house thats 7,00 sq ft. We all have our own room in the house and plus there is a room upstairs that has 4 bunk beds. So we sometimes invite friends up their. I invite my girlfriend to stay for a week in July and Skye invites her boyfriend to stay for a week too. Scarlett hasn't dated anyone yet so she doesn't invite anyone really. I wonder if she will invite that new guy. We packed up for newport and headed off down PCH. As we drove to the beach Scarlett looked like something was on her mind. I asked her what she thinking about and she said the new guy. Apparently he just moved here from seattle and doesn't really know how to fit in here. She said she didn't get his name though. As we pulled up to the beach we saw Skye get out and run up to a random guy, he must of been from school. She introduced to him and his name is Troy. She said bye to him and then told us he was gay and they had the same math class. We got set up on the beach and then I took my shirt off while the girls took their cover ups off. Scarlett started to walk into the water and Skye was tanning so i decided to go grab Scarlett and throw her into the water. "Stop! Put me down taylor!!" Scarlett yelled but no way was i going to listen to her. I tossed her into the water and when she got up she tackled me in too. We laughed and then noticed Skye wasn't coming in yet. So we ran up to her and grabbed her by her arms and legs and threw her in. After the beach we drove and got some food then went home to rest up for tommorow.

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