Bayside beach house

Scarlett, Taylor, and Skye are basically siblings. What happens when they go to Scarlett's Uncle's beach house for the summer? You'll have to see...


11. ch. 10

Taylor's POV

As i fixed my hair and put a little cologne on I couldn't stop thinking about Presley. Hopefully tonight i can find a girl to get my mind off of that bitch of an ex girlfriend. All of a sudden my phone started ringing. Presley calling it said on the screen. That was the 5th time in the past hour. I finally answered and said "what" in a pissed off tone."i'm so glad you answered" she said in her sweetest voice, but that's not going to fix anything. "what the fuck do you want" i said even angrier this time. "I... i'm sorry." she whimpered. "were done Presley." i said as i hung up the phone. I turned around to see Skye with her arms open for me. I cried into her shoulder a little, but then got myself together and explained what just happened. "let me handle it next time she calls" said skye. Just then my phone started to vibrate. It was Presley again. Skye picked it up and started talking "you need to stop calling this number and leave us all alone." Presley hung up without saying a word. After that we all went out to wait for guests to arrive.

Skye's POV 

I really hate seeing Taylor in so much pain. Hopefully he gets his mind off of it tonight. People start showing up around 8 and it was pretty calm.By 10 Tay, Scarlett, and I all had our shirts off and people were doing tequila shots out of our stomachs, Then they would get the lime out of our mouths with their teeth. The fun was just beginning. People were jumping off the dock and skinny dipping. Our goal was no alcohol but i guess tequila was fine. As i looked around at all the people i noticed we had to have about 300 people here. I went to go find Tay and when i opened his door he was sitting on his bed alone. Then his eyes got real big and gave me the notion that he had a girl in his room, she must of been in the bathroom. I left and went out onto the dock where I started taking off my clothes to skinny dip. "hey..." a familiar voice said. I turned around and saw Jason. "shit..." i mumbled.i said hey and we hugged. We both went in the water and talked for awhile. for a lot of you that don't know Jason, he's my ex from like 2 years ago. He told me about his new girlfriend, her name was Alicia. Then i told him about Connor. I saw Scarlett and she knew i wanted out of the situation. "girl emergency" Scarlett interrupted the conversation and pulled me onto shore. "thanks i owe you one" i said. "don't mention it" she replied. At 4 am we kicked the rest of the people who didn't leave out. I put on some new undergarments and passed out. 


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