Emily lives in an orphanage. What will happen when she finds out that her parents are her rolemodels?


2. Going home

   The next day when I woke up to Hayden packing up my stuff. "Hello gorgeous" he said. "Morning" I sleepily said. " go get ready to go to school for the last time before you have to go. " Hayden said making me feel sad. We always walked to school together. When we got inside school he intertwined his fingers with mine. I looked up at him, and he just smiled. He walked me to my first period class and kissed me on the lips before walking away. All my friends came up to me and said "did Hayden Walker just kiss you on the lips??" " guys I got adopted." I said. "Congrats! They all said at once. I showed them my tattoo that Hayden gave me last night. " you have a tattoo??" "When did you get it?" They asked me. "Yes I do and last night." Then the bell rang. 

                                  Louis p.o.v. 

I was excited. All of the lads were excited. I couldn't wait to go get her, and since I'm the oldest one of the boys she is my daughter. We have only seen her profile picture when we went to adopt her. But we could tell she was perfect. And we live close enough to the school she is in now that she won't have to leave her school. I know she will like that. 

                                  Emily p.o.v. 

When I got back to the orphanage, me and Hayden swapped phone numbers. And we both got Skype so we could still talk. "I'll miss you sooooo much." He said as he hugged me tightly. "I'll miss you too. And I swear that I'll come back for you one day." Then we took some weird selfies, some cute ones and one of us kissing. I made it into a collage and put it as my wall paper, then I sent it to him. He at it as his wallpaper. Then I heard Betty yell to me that Louis was here. I kissed Hayden I one more time before I left. "Hi im Emily." I looked at my role model. " its. Louis.friggin.Tomlinson." I said. Just then I felt someone but me from behind. It was Hayden. "Emily. I love you. I don't want you to leave me. I want you to be with you forever." He sobbed into my neck. I started crying. "I love you too Hayden, remember what I said I'll always come back for you." I said as I walked out of the orphanage. Then I ran back and kissed him for about 30 seconds until an awkward cough came from my dad. "Oh right sorry Louis." I said. We walked to the car. "So what's up with the boy??" They all asked.  "Well he's my best friend  and he. has been since the day I came to this orphanage." "Ohh OK. What's with all the lovey dovey stuff?" Zayn asked. I felt my phone vibrate as I answered the question. "Well last night Hayden told me that he liked me and oh yeah umm the boys pranked me a long time ago while i was sleeping, and they gave me a ...." "A um..... Tattoo" i whispered under my breath. "A WHAT NOW?" Louis asked loudly. "A tattoo" i said quietly. " let me see it."  i pulled up my shirt to where the tattoo was on my stomach. " ohhh you got a tattoo." Said Zayn. "They only did it because i had One Direction Posters all over my room." The tattoo was of one of Zayns tattoo's his microphone. Then I got a text. Hayden- I already miss you xxx Emily- I already miss you more xxx " hey guess what?" Asked Louis. "What?" I asked. "You get to stay in the same school you already go to!!" He said changing the subject. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" "Yes I am." "You are the best dad ever!" I kissed him on the cheek, and I saw him smile verry big. I texted Hayden, Emily- Hey guess what, xxx Hayden-what? xxx Emily- I GET TO STAY AT MELBOURNE HIGH!! xxx Hayden- REALLY? THATS AWESOME! and I have a question xxx Emily- what is it? Xxx Hayden- will you be my girlfriend? Xxx Emily- YES!! xxx Hayden-ok well Betty is rushing me to bed gtg bye babe Emily- bye xxx "who's Hayden?" Asked Niall. "My boyfriend." I responded. "Louis do you mind?" "No not at all." "Yay thank you!" I said. When we got home Louis showed me to my room. It had white walls and Graffiti " I LOVE IT" I said. I took a few pictures of it and sent them to Hayden. I kissed Louis goodnight. Then I went to the room where Zayn was sitting on his bed. "Can I come in?" I asked quietly. "I'm sorry about the microphone tattoo." I said quietly. "Oh its OK, now we have matching tattoos." He said softly. I kissed his cheek "night Zayn." "Night boys" I yelled from upstairs. "Night" I heard. I went to sleep after updating Instagram and twitter. Hayden- thayts awesome xxx Emily- I know right! I will see you tomorrow xxx Hayden- bye xxx Emily- bye and with that i fell asleep

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