Strange children

When a strange new family appears in town, odd things start to happen.


1. chapter one

Bree's POV

I'm so exited. I heard we have new neighbors! Maybe this time they won't be freaky kids like all of the others kids that live within our block.

Ooo, I think they're pulling in to their driveway! Let's go meet the new neighbors! What should I bring them? I'll just bring them some flowers from the garden.

10 minutes later...

"Hi, excuse me? Are you our new neighbors?" I excitedly asked.

"Yes, little girl, we are your.. new neighbors. Now leave child, we must be ready!" Replied the woman angrily.

I'm not that little! I'm 14! I'm also 5'3! I guess now I could introduce myself. My full name is breigha Kate smith. My hair is naturally dark brown, but I've been dying it red ever since I was 10 years old. My eyes are plain green, and I'm clearly Caucasian.

Anyways enough about me, let's talk about the new neighbors. They are a family of five. Well four, because I heard the father figure of the family passed away a while ago. I've already met the mother, and I've also heard she has three children. Two twin girls and a little boy. Honestly I can't wait to meet the kids because I heard the twins are close to my age, or 13.

I'm going to ride my bike up and down our block, hopefully the kids will come outside.

5 minutes later...

Oh, I think I see the twins!

"Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood!" I yelled.


"Can you hear me?" We aren't they replying?

Ahhhhhh! My leg!

"Someone, help me! I hurt my leg!" I think I broke it. I just spun off my bike!

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