Finding jorden

Sequel to last goodbyes and fresh starts! This book is about how Jordan will cope with is new family and how the twins will grow to find out down harsh things. Zayn and Alana will grow more in the story but what's happens when Harry gets jealous? Keep reading to find out.


3. home.

Hiiiii guys! So I'm very sorry for not updating, I got the story worked out and stuff it's good. 5 likes and I continue. Kay? You guys are good fans and good people. Keep dreaming😘

Alana's pov.

It was him. I was so happy at the moment were I want to cry out my eyes for hours. The twins are erring a brother. Why did he pass out? We pulled up to our house and zayn carried jay in. He's a good father. He always loves the twins. I'm glad I have him. I take the twins with both hands. I walk to the door and zayn open it for me and takes Emily.

I turn to the livin room to see a very sleepy Jordan. I put both the girls I there jumpers. Emil is wherein a pink on that says "daddy's girl #1" and Anna has a purple on and it says "daddy's girl #2" Niall bought them. Talking about the boys, I should invite them. Maybe later. "Hey." Zayn kisses my cheek, he hands both girls bottles.

I hear a grunt from the other side. "Look who is finally awake!" He jumps. Maybe he is scared?

Jordan's pov.

We're the hell am I? I woke up on a white couch in like a house or penthouse. (The house looks like the one I Jessie the show on Disney if your wound wrong. Just everything is white.)

I groan and see the guy and Anna? Emily? I think? And Alana. "Look who's finally awake!" I jump at the sound. She comes over to me with the guy at the baby's.

"Alana I need

To go home." She hands me papers'adoption' shit! She can't. "Leave I'll chop off your hands" I have the words of Rita is my mind.

"She won't hurt you, she got arrested for child abuse and kidnapped for years. You here

Safe with us and the boy-" he got cut off by cheering. A loads of people came threw

The doors with flashes coming every where near them. Who are they? "Is this him?!?!?!?!?!?" A girl yells pinching my cheeks who are

They? "Yea. How do you know?" The guy ask.

"Your all over

The news. So is he like your son now?" He nods and a blonde sits next to me, please don't ask questions. Please.

"I'm Niall, that's Louis, Harry, luke, Alex, Danny, Liam-" I ran to hug her

"Marianna" I had tears in my eyes.

"Jordan"we hugged for ages. When I released, every one had mouths open in a 'o' shaped, besides Alana, and the guy.

"I-ssss that him?" The curly boy ask. Alana nods and he ran into me and hugged me so tight I couldn't breathe.

After every one hugging me I got to learn them. And I learned that that 'guy' is zen. He said I can call him whatever. Niall is cool, so is Louis, and the others. Harry seems, strange.

After meeting every one we decided for a game of football(soccer) "he's going to whoop your arses boys." Alana says. The girls all say on the chairs in the back teams were, me, Louis,dad,Niall. Then there was Liam, curly, luke. Our team is winning I got two goals so it's 6/4 right now.

Louis passed to zen, them he passed to Niall and then Niall made it to me. I went for the goal and made it! Cheers were threw the sky. "I give up!" Liam said. He fake cried so I carried the ball to him. "Thank you." I said. He was shocked and then picked me up. What's with people with picking me up?"he talks!" Oh yeah I never said a word to them. Only to Alana and zen.

I laugh my arse off and he puts me down. I yawned cause it's 8:54pm "does he have a room?" Curl ask. Zen nods and Carey's me to a room that's white with a bigggg bed! "Tomorrow me and you are having a fun day out with the boys while Alana and the Girls go shopping for you. I'm glad I have you to call my son." He kissed my fore head and I fell asleep.


I woke up to baby's crying. I thought Alana or zen would have got them but they didn't. I walked to the room and picked up the crying one.

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