strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


4. Taken!!

Harry's pov
Sierra was speaking to us and we weren't paying attention to her then she stopped we looked up to see her on the floor. I got up and went over to her she was out cold. I picked up her small frugal body bridal style and put her on the bed. I covered her up and Liam stood up. And walked over and asked.
"What happened?"
"She came in and started to talk then she feel to the floor"
Then Liam touched her face and I guess he had a vision. Then he came to. 
"Liam what did you see?"
"The spell. A: it's going to be broken oh her birthday or B: it's going to break after"
"Okay so why did she faint"
"I don't know when it got to that it was all hazy"

Ashton's pov 
I got done with Rose our witch she put a spell on to knock her out so i can go get her. 
"Prince Ashton dinner is done"
"What are we having?"
"Human like normal"
"Pack me some I have to go"
"Yes sir"
"Aww there's my little werewolf" my mom said.
"Were are you going son"
"To get my future wife"
"Aww your getting princess Sierra"
"Yes mom"
"She might fight back"
"I don't think so"
"Spells dad spells"
The maid got back and I grabbed the bag from her and I was off. I changed in to a wolf to get me there faster. I got there and the boys were still in the room. I saw Prince Liam god I hate him. They left the room and got in there.

Isabella's pov 
I got to Harry's dorm so I can see Sierra Liam said that she passed out for some reason. I knocked on the door and Liam answered.
"Oh hey Sierra is still knocked out but if you want to see her she is in the room."
"Thanks Liam"
I went to the room and she was not there.
"LIAM! she is not here!" 
Then Liam and the other 2 ran in. 
Then we heard laughter and we looked at the window and there was a guy and he has Sierra.
"You really need to keep an eye on her better boys"
"Ashton bring her back"
"No she mine and we are gong to get married" 
"No she is the Princess and she can marry who ever she wants!" Harry snapped. Princess what are they talking about. 
"Oh Harry do you have a crush on Sierra here"
"Hey give me back my best friend"
Then he jumped out the window. I ran over to the window and he was gone, I turned around and looked at the boys.
"Someone tell me what the fuck is going on around this hell whole! Like now!" 
I was getting pissed no I was beyond pissed I just saw my best friend get taken and them not doing anything and him jumping out of the 6th floor window. I need answers and I need them now and why did Harry say princess.
"Okay Isabella you might want to sit down for what we are going to tell you" Liam said softly. I did what he said and I sat down then they started to talk. 
"See Sierra....She is a Princess in another land..." Liam started then Niall spoke up. 
"She was supposed to marry a guy named Zayn, then the Werewolf's wanted her...."
"See Sierra is a mix of 3 creatures, a vampire, witch, and werewolf.... have is called a Lutacrist...." Harry finished off.
"Vampires and that stuff don't exited tho just in fairy tails"
"Yes they because....." Liam froze up.
"Isabella we...... we are vampires" Niall finished off for Liam. 
"Isabella calm down we are tell the truth Liam is a prince of vampires and me and Harry are vampires too. We help Liam."
"I think I am going crazy"
"Your not going crazy the people that you need and want to stay away from is Zayn Louis and Ashton you have to stay away from them please just so what we say and you will be safe" Liam said worriedly.
"I need Sierra back" 
"We will get her back Isabella I promise"
"Yeah but we don't know were she is" Harry said.
"Hey Harry do you really have a crush on Sierra"
"Y...Yeah and I think she is my mate"
"You see when a vampire finds a girl and he or she falls in love with him or her and she feels the same way or if they just click right off the bat then the vampire would feel something go threw him it her then they know that the person that they like is there mate" Liam explained. 
"Do you have one Liam?"
"I did have one a long time ago she.....she got killed in war she was a hot head she wanted to go to war with me and she she died. But I think I found another one I just don't know if she likes me back"

Sierra's pov 
I was floating in a room and it was dark room I don't know where I was. I soon fell on something soft it felt like a bed but it was still pitch black I don't know what's going on but I am scared. Am I dead. Then I felt something burning threw my body what's going on. I was hot then I was cold. I new something was wrong with me. I tried to wake up and I wouldn't. I was still in the dark room. I'm dead I know I am, the last thing I remembered is the boys playing with my underwear. I need to get out if here. But how?

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