strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


19. Home

Sierra's p.o.v

I'm so stupid how could I fall for it. What he said was still going threw my head. What the could I fall for that damn what the hell. I was mad and sad. I feel to the ground in pain, why in the hell is my stomach hurting. I held my stomach and sat down on the cold ground, I heard metal clinking and the door opened and it was Zayn. I stood up so he won't see that i was in pain.

"You can't keep me here."

"Oh and why can't I"

"Because I am pregnant with Harry's child."


"Yeah Harry's kid, and the rules say that if a vampire is kidnapped by another vampire and they are pregnant with somebody else's kid you have to let them go so you can't keep me."

"I hate you."

I walked towards the door and closed it, then I locked the door. I looked in and he patted his pockets and he looked up at me and I dangled the keys in front of me. I put them in my pocket. I walked down the stairs and found my phone I fell to the ground still in pain. I found Harry's number and clicked on it.

Harry's p.o.v

I woke up and shook my head I ripped the needle out and my phone rang. I looked at who it was and it was Sierra. Oh my god. I answered it and she sounded like she was in pain.

"Harry i am at Zayn's I came to save yo but you weren't here." She said through her teeth.

"Are you okay."

"No I think the baby is fussing because I used my speed and I think think that he/she liked it."

"Okay just stay there"

I ran out and I got to Zayn's place. I opened the doors and saw Sierra on the ground. I ran over to her and I called Liam so he can bring a car.

"Sierra you going to be okay."

"Okay remind me never to use my speed he/she doesn't like it" She said holding her belly.

I touched it and smiled at her. I am so happy that i am going to be a dad, but i can't sand to see my kitten hurting. I grabbed her hand and held it.

"So what name are you going to give it if its a girl." I asked her.

"Darcy....if its a boy Ian."

"I like both of the names." I said looking at her. The boys walked in, I helped Sierra get up and we got her in the car. I was sitting by her, and Liam was driving, then Niall spoke up.

"So how did you get Zayn to let you go?"

"I brought up the rule, with baby and if he kidnaps me and I am pregnant with someone else's baby he can't keep me."



~at Liam's~

Me and Sierra were in the room giggling about baby names. I really hope the baby is okay. Sierra got up and went and got something out of the drawer and went to the bathroom. She came back out after a few minutes, she had on a pink bikini and then she put on a hat and she looked at me and smiled.

"What are you doing?"

"I am going to go swimming I think the baby would like that."

"Its winter kitten." I said getting out of bed.

"Liam has an inside pool, Harry gosh come on. Please I want to go swim with you Harry...Please..."

"Fine I will get dressed."

Sierra's p.o.v

Harry went and got dressed and, I was sitting on the bed. I am just glad to be home, I don't think that I could of stand him any longer. I love Harry, and I only want to raise a family with him. I really hope that we can get married. Harry came out of the bathroom and, we walked down and went to the pool. Harry walked up to the door and opened it, for me I saw balloons and everybody screamed.

"CONGRATULATION YOU GUYS!" everybody yelled. I smiled and saw everyone. The girls, and all the boys.

"Harry did you know about this."

"Nope" he said popping the 'p'

The girls gave me a hug so did the boys. I walked away with the girls and I put my feet in the water. With the girls on my side.

"Why did you guys do this?" I asked them.

"We thought that we should of throwing you a party for the new comer." Alicia said.

"Well me and Harry were talking and we were going to move out and start a family of our own."

"Don't worry Liam doesn't want to live with his parents any longer they are driving us crazy, so we were going to move out." Isabella said.

"Me and Niall already go a house HAHA you guys are slow."

"shut up Alicia" Isabella said hitting her arm.

"Now now you guys."

"What something to drink." Alicia said getting up.

"Blood will be fine" I said looking up at her.

She walked away and I got up and walked over to the stairs and was slowly getting in. I sat on the steeps to where the water hit the top of my chest. The boys were jumping off the diving board, the girls sat with me, and they were drinking beer and I was drinking the blood that Alicia got me. I got out and wrapped a towel around my small body, the girls looked at me and I spoke up.

"Tell Harry i went to bed I am tired."

"Okay can do" the girls said at the same time.

Alicia's p.o.v

Sierra went to bed, and I was still kinda mad at Niall for killing Harry. But I can never stay mad at him for long. The boys came over and I told Harry where Sierra went, and he left too. I was between Niall's legs (not like that you perv ;). He was playing with my hair, and then Liam spoke up.

"So how are you guys liking your new place?"

"Its amazing." I said.

"Yeah I can't wait till we start a family." Niall said kissing the top of my head.


SOOOOOOO sorry that i haven't updated for a long time. I really hope you like it I am sooooooo sorry that its short like i said i really don't know what to do. But I have some Idea's for the next chapter hope you like it

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