strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


13. Get a little freaky

*2 months later* 
We were getting Isabella into her vantage dress it was white and it had lace and it showed her curves perfectly, I smiled and she look lovely. I can't believe that she is getting married  and she is only 19 I am so happy for her. We got her to sit on the chair and I did her hair and Alicia did her make up. I curled her hair and then I put it all to the side and clipped it there. Then Alicia stopped so I could do something with her bangs I got them to go to the side and then I stepped away and let Alicia finished. I got into the black strapless dress that had a red bow in the back then I slid on black pumps. I straighten my hair then I did my makeup when I got done my eyes popped. I walked back to see Isabella and she looked lovely the way the dress fit her curved and how Alicia did her make up it made her eyes pop. 
"You look perfect" 
"Thanks babe" 
Alicia got into her red dress with a black bow and her red pumps. We got to the door that lead to the garden they were having it under the orchid tree. Alicia handed her the flowers.
"By the way you girl look lovely in the dresses they show her curved perfectly" 
"So does your wedding dress" Alicia said 
"Sierra Harry is going to have a hard time to keep his hands off if you" 
"Shut up"
The doors opened and we all walked down the aisle and Harry was by Liam in a tux he looked pretty sexy, we got up to them and we stood my Isabella and me and Harry kept eyes contact. 
Harry's pov
The girls were here and I could not keep my eyes off of Sierra that dress showed her curves perfectly and she looked really sexy, she but her bottom lip and I smirked. This is turning me on! 
Sierra's pov 
Isabella and Liam are married me and the girls are talking awhile the boys are talking, we were in the ball room and then Alicia spoke up. 
"Sierra someone is eyeballing you" 
I looked to where she was looking and Harry was basically undressing me with his eyes. 
"So Isabella your a princess now" 
"Just like you Sierra" 
I laughed and Liam came over and they went to the middle if the room and started to dance. Then Harry walked up to me and we started to dance. 
"You look sexy"
"Hazza am I turning you on" 
"One way to find out" 
He winked at me and I smiled, he intertwined our hands and we went back to our room. 
Isabella's pov 
The song ended and Alicia came running up to me, and I could not see Sierra or Harry. Oh that girl gonna get some. 
"Were is Sierra and Harry" 
"I think there getting a little freaky" i said winking at her, she eyes grew wide with the thought of Sierra and Harry having sex. I smiled and went back to Liam. I kissed him and he grabbed my waist.  
"Your a princess now" 
"I'm our princess" 
Then the door swung wide open and it was a guard. Liam left and I got worried. 
Sierras pov 
We got the room and Harry backed me up against  the wall and was kissing my neck. I took off the dress and he took if his tux. Then he lifted me off the ground and I wrapped my legs around his toros. 
"Harry if we do this and I get pregnant are you prepared to be the father" 
Then he put me down on the bed and took of my underwear and the took of his and he started off slow and he went faster I moned his name and then he stopped and I felt warm stuff in me. I kissed him and we laid down breathing heavily. I hope nothing comes up just then our door swung open and a Liam was standing there. 
"Harry get some clothes on we need to talk" 
Harry got redressed and he left with me in the room alone worried half to death. 


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