strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


7. Feelings

I woke up and Harry was not beside me, I got out of bed and put on some slippers, and walked out if the room and I saw Harry in the kitchen, he was cooking.
"Oh hey love"
"Hey your cooking" I said sitting down on the stool watching him cook. 
"Yeah it's Saturday and Isabella did your homework so they didn't fail you"
"Really wow I didn't think she would do that"
"Yeah well she is filled with surprise"
"That's true you never know what that girl is going to do"
"Here you go"
Then he placed a plate in front of me and it has, pancaked and eggs on it. I started to eat and Harry got blood out of the fridge. i smiled at him and he smiled back. I got done eating and I washed up my plate. I went back the room and put on some sweatpants and a sweater. Then I slipped back on my slippers, I went back to the front room and sat down beside Harry. I laid down and put my head on his lap, then Niall came threw the door and he shut it and locked it.
"Niall what did you do this time" Harry asked getting up.
"You took Zayns food didn't you"
"Well Louis"
I just listen to them fight back and forth then the door burst open. I screamed and the boys got to my side and it was Louis, he looked around and Niall ducked then Louis walked out. 'well that was weird' I though to my self. Then Niall left and we were back on the couch. I had my head on Harry's lap. Then in no time it was noon.
"Hey I ordered pizza"
"You can eat human food" 
"Yes but I just have to remember to drink blood."
"Oh okay"
"Well I am going to go out to get more good"
"Oh okay well see you later then right" 
"Yeah I am going to have Niall come over to keep an eye on you"
We got up and I kissed his cheek, then he cupped my face and kisser my lips. I wanted more if it, it just felt so right. I pulled away and smiled at my red face, then he walked away.

Nialls pov 
I was walking over to Harry's dorm when I got my neck snapped. Crap someone killed me again. I woke up and I was in a cage. 'what the fuck' I thought to my self. Then I saw Zayn. 
"Were is Sierra"
"I'm not telling you" I said standing up. 
"You will fucking tell me"
"Fuck you!"
"You want to go the hard way then" 
"I'm not tell you shit" 
The he opened the door and he was right in front of me then he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me against the wall then he let me drop to the ground. Then he left, then I broke the cage and then I ran.

Sierra's pov 
Niall never came I was walking around the room, then Niall came threw the window.
"Sorry I'm late I had to do something's"
I sat back down and watched tv. After a few hours Harry came back.
"I need to tell you guys something" Niall said, we both looked at him then he spoke up again "Chase dropped out and I am getting a new room mate"
"Good for you Niall" Harry said putting bags down on the island. Niall left and I got up and went over to Harry and started to unpack the food.
"So Harry can you eat human food" 
"Yeah I was just not hungry this morning"
"Oh okay I di-"
Before I could say anything else he smashed his lips into mine and it was the type of kiss that you can't explain I just wanted more and more. When he kissed me u was up against the wall and both his hands were on the wall pinning me up against the wall and he pulled away and put his forehead on my forehead then he spoke up.
"Sierra I love you"
"I understand if you don't like me back" 
Then he walked away, I took in a deep breath and chased after him and he turned around I guess he heard me and he turned around and I jumped on him and wrapped my legs around his torso. 
"Harry I loved you when I first laird my eyes on you, for some reason I was drawn to you and still am Harry I love you and I don't think that it will ever die" 
"I love you too"
Then we kissed again! We just watched movies and ate pizza Harry tried to teach me how to cook and it did not go that well I burnt everything.

Harry's pov 
We told each other how we felt, we watched movies all day and I tried to teach Sierra how to cook and she burnt everything. So we just called in pizza. We cuddled on the couch and I heard Sierra's heart beat slow down and I looked down at her and she was asleep. I got up and picked up my kittens fragile body and placed her in bed I walked out and locked the door and shut off the lights then I shut the light off to the room and crawled in bed with her. I moved her hair out of her face and kissed her templet.
"Night kitten" 
Then I covered up and placed my arms around her and went to sleep.

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