strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


2. Double Trouble

Sierras pov
I heard the alarm clock and I was to lazy to get out of bed so I put my hand on the ground and found something hard I picked it up and threw it.?
I got up out of bed and looked who I hit and it was Harry. 
"Did I hit you"
I got out of bed on just my pink laced bra and underwear, I was to lazy to change last night. Harry was looking at me up and down and I went over to my closet and grabbed a tank to with pink splatter paint on it and pink short shorts and miss matched socks and black high tops. I went to the kitchen and grabbed toast and went to grab my books and put them in my bag. I put my bag over my shoulder and was getting ready 
to walk out the door.
"We're you going Sierra"
"I have classes this morning unlike you. All you have are night classes"
"I have to go to class bye Harry" 
Then I walked out of the room and went to my first class that was history and I was the first ones in here. I walked in to see the guy that was at the storage unit. I sat in the other end of the class room then the other guy walked in to the class room and I looked and I think there named was Zayn and Louis.

Zayns pov 
I was sitting in the classroom by my self Louis is still getting ready then I heard a heart beat and sweet sweet smell of blood. Then princess Sierra walked in. I put my fangs away I had to control myself and then Louis walked in and walked over to me. 
"Sierras here and she smells good!"
"She is off limits she is suppose to marry me not you or anyone else"
"What are we going to do"
"We have to go to Lilly she should know what to do"
"Wow you have not talked to her for a long time"
"Well we need to find out how to break the curse"

Harry's pov
Sierra left not to long, Niall came threw the window with 3 blood bags. Then Liam, came threw the door and Niall tossed me a bag and Liam a bag. I grabbed us all a cup and then Niall spoke up.
"So my king what are we going to do about Zayn" 
"I don't know but don't call me that. We have to keep Isabella and Sierra away. Specially Sierra knowing my luck Zayn and Louis might go talk to Lilly to try to undo the spell."
"Lilly she is a strong witch"
"That is the point"
"Liam for all we know is that Sierra doesn't know Zayn or Louis" Harry said washing his cup. I looked at him and he was right we don't know if Sierra has meet Zayn or Louis. 
"I don't know for all we know is that Zayn might know who she is but we have to keep an eye on both of them."
"Were is Isabella"
"She is back at our dorm sleeping"

Isabella's pov 
I was in my bed still Liam left and I got out of bed and grabbed some clothes. I got in the shower and washed my hair, I looked at the scares that were on my wrist. I didn't have a good past so I cut till I moved in with Sierra, she helped me stop cutting and she got me out of depression. I love her for that. I got out of the shower and put on my red bra and underwear, then I got on a red tank top with black ripped skinny jeans and I put on some black high heels and I grabbed my books and put them in my bag. I got money and went to the food court to eat. I got done eating and I went to my first class.

~after the classes~

Zayns pov 
Me and Louis got to Lilly's house that is in the woods. I walked in and Lilly was in a white silk dress. She looked at me and she looked back. To what she was doing, then she stopped.
"What do you need my king"
"I need your help.What if I say that I found the princess"
"The lost princess, but what about the spell that her mom put on her."
"Well I think I can spot my future wife anywhere"
"Well she is not your wife till the spell is broken"
"That is what we came to you about Lilly"
"The spell can't be broken"
"What why not"

Sierras pov
I got done with my last class, I went back in mine and Harry's dorm. I got in the room and got in the shower. I got out and put on a red laced bra and underwear. I put on a thermal shirt and pj short shorts, and then I slipped on some slippers. I walked out when I got done blow drying my hair. I walked out and grabbed phone and called in pizza then Isabella came in.
"Hey glad you could make it." 
"Yeah I got my homework done"
"Did you really?"
"But anyways I ordered in pizza"
"Yay we're is Harry"
"He has night classes"
"Oh yay movie night" she said happily. I smiled and we sat down and watched Frozen first then there was a knock. I got up and grabbed the money and I got the pizza some pop and sweets. We had a movie night till Harry came.
"Oh hey hazza"
"Well I am going back to my dorm bye babe"
"Bye sweet thing"
Isabella left and Harry gave me a weird look. 
"There just nickname Harry"
I turned off the tv and went in the bedroom and went to sleep.

Harry's pov 
Sierra went to bed and Niall came in with my supper. The girl was knocked out I feel bed for feeding off of humans I bit her neck and sucked her dry. My throat stopped burning and Niall took the bodies and came back in no time he was back.
"Hey do you know what Liam has planned"
"No why"
"He was not in class at all"
"I don't know, but I am going to bed night"
I walked over and locked the door I went in our room and looked at Sierra. Her foot was hanging off along with her arm. I walked over and covered her up then I took off my shirt and pants and got on bed and went to sleep.

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