strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


1. College

Me and Isabella were packing for college. Isabella she has black hair and brown eyes. Me on the other hand, I have long brown hair and green eyes. Isabella moved in with me and my family when we were younger. She is like a sister to me I love her for it. We got done packing and we went down stairs and my mom and dad gave us hugs and told us to be careful. We got in the car and my dad got in and we were off.

Liam's p.o.v
I was looking at the boxes that came in my room not to long ago. They told me that they ran out of girls dorm rooms so they had to put her in here. I looked on the side of the box and it said Isabella. I sat down on my couch and then Harry came running thru the door and then Niall came running thru the window with there vampire speed. 
"What did you guys do this time"
"Well Niall though that it would be fun to steal Zayns food" Harry said.
"Niall you know that Zayn is the evil vampire king"
Then Zayn came threw the window, then he made a b-line towards Niall. I grabbed him by the throat and threw him up against the wall. 

"Zayn Malik you better get out of here now!" 
"Whatever your highness"
Then he jumped out the window with his vampire speed. I looked back at Niall and then Harry spoke up when my throat started to burn so I grabbed a blood bag.
"So you have a new room mate"
"Yeah they ran out of girl dorm room so they put her I here so do you have a room mate"
"Yeah it's a human so I have to hide my blood bags in Niall's room her name is Sierra" 
"Hey you guys aren't stuck with Chase he is always playing with his food then sucks them dry of the blood" 
"I am sorry Niall! but don't let him get my blood bags" 
"Why don't you go out and hunt"
I rolled my eyes and they left, I went back to watching tv.

Sierra's p.o.v 
We just got off the plane and the people here look at us weird. We got a taxi and we told him were to go. We got there in no time. We walked up to the front desk and we asked for our rooms and our classes. 
"Okay your room Isabella is 112c that is the 5 floor. Sierra your room is 236b that is the 6th floor you have to be room mates with boys we ran out of girl dorm rooms. Here are your classes." she said handing us our papers and room keys. Me and Isabella wasn't happy that we weren't roommates but we got over it. We got in the elevator and we got to Isabella's floor first she got off and told me bye. Then it stopped on my floor I walked around and found my room I looked at the door and it was partly cracked open. I opened the door and a curly head boy was looking threw my boxes. I cleared my throat and he looked up he had the most prettiest eyes and smile ever.
"Oh sorry love I was going to unpack your things"
"Okay well can you help me with my bags?" 
Then he walked over and grabbed my bags, I walked in and it was one of those big dorm rooms, it had a front room and then it had a kitchen and then the bedroom with both of the beds. 
"I hope you don't mind the mess I am not that neat!"
"I am not neat either not to worry I don't mind"

Harry's p.o.v
A girl walked in and I was guessing that it was Sierra wow the smell if her blood is so sweet I could taste it. I felt my fangs coming out I had to control my self so I don't do something I would regret later. I took her bags and then I shut the door. 
"Well let me show you your closet and your bed I hope you don't mind me and you sharing a room right"
"I don't care I have a brother" 
I showed her the bed and the bathroom, then I grabbed her boxes and put them on her bed and helped her unpack.

Isabella's pov 
I walked into my dorm room and saw a guy sitting on the couch this dorm has everything the bedroom the kitchen, front room and the bathroom. I walked in all the way and then I spoke up.
"Hi I am your new roommate"
Then he stood up and walked over to me he had dark brown hair and it was in a quiff and he had brown eyes with plumped pink lips he was perfect.
"You must Isabella, I'm Liam"
"Yeah I am her"
"Hope you don't mind sharing a room and I am a clean freak"
"Me too we'll I am going to unpack" 
"Okay let me help"

Liam's pov
I was trying to get my self calmed down, her blood smells so nice and her heartbeat was so nice and clam. God I need clam down I might do something I might not like. We got done unpacking her things and then I asked her a question.
"Hey do you know a Sierra?"
"Yeah we're best friends more like sister but do you know what room she is in"
"Yeah I can take her to you" 
We grabbed our keys and locked our dorm. We got to Harry's door and I knocked.
"Hey Liam" 
"Hey is Sierra here"
No she went to the storage unit something about her not needing something's" 
"And she is by herself"
"Yeah.....OH SHIT!"
"We should go back to our dorm"

Sierras pov
I was at the storage unit putting things away that I didn't need like winter clothes and notebooks and other things it was dark outside and I went to unlock it and I dropped my keys and then I remembered that I had my phone on me. I got out my phone and found the flash light it. I found my keys and unlocked it. I put my box on the storage then I was getting ready to leave and then I ran in to something. I looked and saw 2 tall dark looking figures. Then one flipped the light. I got a better look at them and one had back hair with chocolate brown eyes the other one had brown locks and sea green eyes. 
"Are you new here" the one with black hair said.
"Ye....yeah just came in to put my things away"
"Okay well I am Zayn and this is Louis"
Then they looked at each other and then they left. 
"SIERRA.....SIERRA!". I head Harry yell.

Zayns pov 
"What was that about Zayn" Louis said stopping in front of me. 
"Do you know who she even is" 
"Sierra in another life she was the princess of all the vampires, she was above me and Liam but when she was a baby her parents put a spell on her so she turned human. She is more powerful then me and Liam. Her dad was a vampire and her mum was a witch, when she got older she was suppose to marry me but when her parents found out that is when they did the spell when her mom did the spell it killed her for all Sierra knows is that she is human and that she is an orphan."
"Wow your a lucky man she is fit" 
"Yeah but she is really powerful"

Liam's pov 
Me and Isabella was back in our dorm then Harry came in with Sierra. We stood up and I told her who I was and then I have her a hug and when I did I had a vision. Harry gave me a look and we went in a different room. 
"Liam what did you see" 
"You know the princess of the vampires"
"That is her Sierra. I saw her mum put a spell on her to make her human. My mom told me that because her mum found out that when she gets older is that she has to marry Zayn to keep the peace between good and bad. All she knows is that she is a human and a orphan. Harry she is more powerful than me and Zayn unless the spell is broken she is safe. But if it is broken we are screwed"

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