strange love

Sierra and Isabella move to London to a college that they both got into. When they get there the find out that they are not roommates but when they get there they find that there roommates are guys! What happens when they find something out that they didn't want to know?


9. birthday

*2 months later* 

It has been 2 months sense me and Harry got tougher, it was also my birthday It was my birthday. We are out of college so we all went back to Liam's castle and everything was up to date, and everything. I felt this weird burning feeling in my blood stream and then it went to my throat. I woke up and I guess I woke Harry up too and he sat up and he was just in his boxers and with his messy hair. 

"Kitten you okay" he said in his sexy British accent. 

"N-no my throat is burning I don't know whats going on Hazza it hurts" i said holding it. He got up off of our bed and ran out the door he came back with Liam and blood bags.

"Sierra open your mouth" Liam said with a flash light. I did what he said and opened my mouth. 

Liam's pov 

I told Sierra to open her mouth, with it burning and everything it her spell might have broken. She opened her mouth and her throat was red and i looked at her teeth and she had fangs. I rubbed my forehead and got up off the bed. 

"Harry give the princess her blood" 

"The.....The spell broke" 


Then Harry handed her a cup that had the blood in it and Isabella came in, and I looked at her with sad eyes. 

"Its Sierra's birthday right"

"Yeah why Liam what happened"

"The spell is broken"

"Itsn't that good"

"No because now we have to take her to her father." 


Then she walked over to Sierra and I heard her say happy birthday and then i went to my room. 

Sierra's pov 

Isabella left and it was just me and Harry he kissed me and I got up and went to the closet and grabbed a long sleeve shirt sense its still winter and it said 'New York 84 Wild Head* then I put on some sweat pants, ugg boots, gray beanie, then a white scarf. Then I looked back at Harry and he had on black skinny jeans and a white sweater. 

"So the spell is broken" 

"how did you know?"

"I can listen to you guys and pulse I never liked blood till now" 

Then Niall and Alicia ran in, and they were half naked. 

"Were you two about to do something" 

"Yes we were then we over heard Liam" Alicia said 

"how about you two go finished up because we have to get Sierra to her dad"  Harry said 

They left, then I went over to Harry and sat on his lap, and put my arms around his neck and looked into his eyes. 

"Harry no matter what happens I love you and nothing and i mean nothing can change that or love it undying"

"I love you too Babe"

Then he kissed me and laid me down on the bed and then there was a knock on the door we got up quickly and it was Liam. He smiled and shook his head. 

"Come on we need to get her to her fathers" 


I got on harry's back and he jumped out the window and we met the other at the front door, and Alicia was on Nialls back and we smiled at each other and then the boys were off. In no time we stopped. I got off of Harry's back and looked at the big castle that was in front of me. 

"Welcome home Princess" Liam said

Then we all got inside and we went to a big room with two chairs in it, i guess one was my moms then a guy walked in and everyone bowed and I did the same. 


We all stood up and then Liam spoke up my heart started to race. 

"My King we have brought back your daughter"

"Who her?"

"Yes my king Princess Sierra" 

Then he came over to me and grabbed my face and squeezed my cheeks tougher and took a really good look at me. Then he pulled my in a hug, and i hugged him back. 

"Thank you then the wedding will be 2 days from now" 


"She has to marry Zayn Liam"

"Dad i am with Harry"

"True love does not count in royalty you have to marry Zayn" 

With thes words that he said my heart shattered, I didn't want to leave Harry not like this i wanted to marry Harry not him. Then he grabbed my arm and told them that they can leave, I got out of his grip and hugged Harry. 

"I love you" I whispered 

"I love you too, I will win you back one way or another i love you too much to let you go like this" 

Then he planted a kiss on my lips and i got pulled back, i was walking beside my dad and I saw Zayn come out of the shadows. I was pissed sad and very emotional. 

"You fucking asswhole, you know i don't love you but yet you make me marry you" I said walking up to him and slapping him aross the face. Then my dad showed me to my room and I went to the window and looked out and saw the view of the land. Then my door opened and I turned around really fast and walked away from the window. 

"What do you want you already took away my happyness" 

"Is that anyway to talk to your future husband" 

Then he was right in front of me and he backed me up into a wall, i looked into his eyes and they were filled with hate. I hated him i didn't love him. Then he planted a ruff kiss on my lips, i didn't feel anything when he kissed me it only happened with Harry. 

"Now you will marry me"

"Why should I?"

"Because you don't want anything to happen to the love of your life or to your friends"

"You wouldn't"

"Oh love I would"

He left and I fell on the bed crying, i didn't want to go threw this i never loved him I hate him there was nothing to love about him. This is one of the worst birthdays I have ever had in my whole entire life. Then I guess I cried my self to sleep. 

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