Justin bieber: Finding Love

Winter Johnson is 16 and has just moved from New York to Canada. She loves to write and starts in the school newspaper. Winter has to do the most challenging story ever. It's about Justin Bieber the most popular guy in school and his love life.


1. C1: New Home

~~Winter's POV~~

Getting out of the Taxi I slowly walked down the little path with flowers around it studying my new home. It was little and cute but it looks big enough for me, my parents and the new baby that is soon to come, I stopped at the front door and took a deep breath. Omg this is really happening, how am I gonna make friends, will everybody hate me and think I'm a freak because I'm the new girl and I don't fit in? Okey stay calm Winter, everything's gonna be just fine, you have your cousin Katy, she will help you blend in, what's the worst that could happen? I opened the door and went inside looking for my parents. They came here a week before me so they could get things ready and so I could have a few days saying goodbye to my friends. "Mom, dad anybody home?" I yelled hoping for an answer. "Yes honey, we're in the kitchen!" My mom yelled back. I tried following her voice and then I fell over a box landing face down with my butt in the air. "Are you okay sweetie?" My dad asked helping me up. "Yeah, you know I'm used to it by now." I said laughing with my dad "You get your clumsiness from your mother." He said smiling. "Haha, I missed you dad." I said hugging him. "I missed you to Winnybear, now say hi to your mother then I can help you with your boxes before you fall over them again." He smiled.

It's been a few hours and me and dad are finally done with my room and it looks awesome (it looks like your dream room) " I'm so hungry, I think I'm gonna die!" I dramatises acting like I was gonna pass out. " You're always hungry and you always eat, I don't know how you're not overweight." Dad laught. " Guys it's dinner, come eat." Mom yelled. "Hallelujah!" I screamed. I jumped on dad's back and he ran down stairs with me on his back. Me and dad are really tight and we have the best bond ever, we can talk to each-other about anything, he's the best dad ever. We sat down at the table and mom said grace then we began eating. "So, are you ready to begin at the new school tomorrow?" Mom asked. "Yeah, kinda I'm a little nervous, I don't really know anyone except Katy." " Oh, honey you'll make many friends, just be yourself, you're perfect just the way you are." "thanks mom, I think I'm gonna go to bed, I'm really tired" " okey honey, love you, sweet dreams" " thanks, love you to" I said kissing her on the cheek then I went to dad and did the same.

I got up to my room put on my pajamas, went to the bathroom, did my night routine and went to bed.

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