Why does everyone hate me?

Maddison Lily Black. The daughter of Sirius Black and Lily Evans. She doesn't know who her mother is, all she knows is that she is dangerous to be around. She has powers; know one can know about ecspecially her best friends, Fred and George Weasley. She lives with one of her three godfathers, Remus Lupin. Her other godfathers are James Potter, and.............. SEVERUS SNAPE!!!!!! Be with Maddi when she is in her 5th year. Sirius escapes and well, no one but a certain two ginger boys talk to her.


2. meeting Harry Potter in person AT LAST!!!!


     I walked into the Leaky Caldron and guess was the first thing I do, run into a boy. I know what you're wondering: are they going to fall in love, and no we aren't. it was THE Harry Potter! No I didn't fan girl in front of him like some people( * cough cough * Ginny Weasley * cough cough*).

     sorry I wasn't looking were I was going! I said.

    No it's okay, do you need help with your bags? he asked

     yes, thank you. I was about to drop them. I said

      So what room are you in? Harry asked

      Room 213 I said.

   So after walking up the stairs, Harry and I made it up to my room without dropping any of my many bags. he help me put my stuff down. Then he asked if I wanted to go get ice cream, since that was where he was heading before we ran into each other. So we headed to the ice cream parlor, and that is were we sat and got to know each other.

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